A teen with a premonition has seconds to access a dynasty company vault –– her MiA mother has disappeared with the only known key to the company’s future.


A gym-locker combo lock, etched in strange music code, is a gift that world-renowned conductor Henry Barrington gives to his young daughter. It holds an heirloom dynasty secret. Ever-curious Rachel, a budding songwriter, embeds the code in a tune she writes. It brings her an instant viral fanbase.  

As a teen star, she unwittingly gives away access to her father’s government high-tech NASA project, throwing herself and her family into a terrifying collision of global events. Her MIA mother must be found in order to solve one of the biggest mysteries of quantum science.  Only Lily Barrington could recognize this coded set of family signals. The story of an ancient dynasty’s dangerous magic opens here. 

STEP into the MEND™ Lair

MEND™ rocks the planet. Spoiler Alert Notes to all Viewers of the MEND™ Trailer!


Trailer opens the path to the dynasty home.

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Trailer opens the path to the dynasty home.

Countdown to preserve a dynasty’s secret interstellar lineage. On earth, a royal dynasty family name is embedded in a number pattern that expands and contracts the cosmos, making time travel, automation, and delivery a tempting user-friendly mobile experience. 21st Century tech news hits the net when a hot young pop star unaware of her royal dynasty background composes a song that distributes a strange signature pattern to the public. She is killed.

Without insider knowledge and admission into the dynasty fold, the song’s meaning is lost. The tune that brings the dynasty’s power to earth can change form to return the family home. The killer has devised a keypad access code that locates the dynasty pattern using the pop star’s score. MEND™ is one of the most powerful and dangerous inventions of our time. And the song already has escaped into our consciousness…

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“I love love love the concept of this novel and so excited to see it come to life! I am looking forward to seeing this incredible story continue to unfold. The mix of music and technology is purely genius!” (Lindsay J Puchall)


“Mardi Ellen Hill’s Mend is such a f***Ing brilliant idea. I cannot wait to see the magic of this journey unfold. Thank you for sharing your life’s work of creativity, it is truly epic. NEVER stop creating, it is the greatest rebellion of our existence.”
(Kyndera Keithley)
“A very great and positive person. Happy that I’ve met her and we shared our experiences. A very open minded lady and helpful to the new generation.” (ZakariaA)


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New content management thrills in the hands of action superheroes


Mardi-Ellen HillMardi-Ellen Hill is a two-time recipient of an NEA for a New American work. She has won numerous awards, honors and prizes for her stage work and music composition. Ms. Hill is a Wall Street Journal ‘Woman Of Note’. She is called upon regularly to speak as a thought-leader and contributes to trade magazines using her MEND™ application in corporate issues and strategy. She recently spoke on international panels at the Hotel Penn and Tavern On the Green.

Her greatest love is working with her tech team designing the MEND™ platform. The multi-platform Universe of MEND™ – music encode decode – unlocks a shared universe thriller puzzle decoded by a savvy female protagonist. Designed as a fun new content management system, MEND™ will enable users to personalize information and connect to users world wide. See below for a mini voyage now…



Superstition meets modern science when a woman with a haunted past becomes the subject of a genetics experiment using her DNA.

Two children write a melody with an encrypted message only she can decode. The message holds sensitive familial information being sold to the US government by her lover who has the goods on her well known family, and bigger targets waiting on his killer radar.

The psycho thriller tells the story of three generations of a family in a fight to retain their power, when a new invention MEND™ (Music | ENcode | Decode) outs their interstellar secret to their singular force and influence in the cosmos.

For more information about MEND™ Platform licensing, sales and speaking engagements, contact Mardi-Ellen Hill.

The Superpower called MEND


It is said that music is the universal language and mathematics are the universal codes to the universe.  So what if there was a machine that could take musical notations and turn it into mathematical codes that could be used for GPS, AI, altering DNA, genetics, market algorithms, or anything one could imagine to rule the world?  Enter MEND™ – (Music Encode Decode) technology.

Enter the New England Barringtons. The Barrington Family alone has control of this MEND™ device and its possible exploitation by the public. Internal power plays and sabotage within the family prevent the public’s access and exploration of MEND™ and its power.

Here’s a bit about the family history:

MEND™ as a language is culled from the secret genetic line of the Barringtons. In the 21st century some of the heirs to this age-old dynasty have landed on the family’s ancient communication secrets of teleportation, time travel, and identity.

There is a fight simmering between the heirs. The MEND™ invention, which duplicates the family’s magic, is at stake. MEND™ is dependent on an access code brought to Earth by one of the heirs.

The family Matriarch, Rose, gets wind of this fight. She seizes control and shuts down the family trading business, but not before she shares the stage with her granddaughter. Together the two women reprogram the family’s innate teleportation magic.

As far as the paparazzi are concerned, pop-star Rachel Barrington has emerged on the scene with new material. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rachel is about to give away the origin of the family tune — and its explosive power.

Rachel is killed. Her fan base goes wild thinking there might be a connection between the MEND™ invention and her brutal murder. They’re on target.

Access to the Barrington’s business, secret vault, and MEND™ invention appears to be lost until Rachel’s mother, Lily Barrington, deciphers a note left by Rachel expressly for her — a note that will fuel the change in the course of humanity.

MEND™ Automation: a Revolutionary Tale

MEND™ Fuel Goes Rogue


Two spies in the thriller breakout story THE SKELETON SCORE are wearing a time piece that will tell us the address of the next location a tune will be heard – a tune with a final destination in the cosmos.

The riff has the encoding – decoding power to bring any human it touches into a dynasty’s lair, imprinting a messaging system that only members can access and use.

Enter one of the most dangerous missions of humankind.

What time will you be aboard?


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Rachel Barrington, 18, a pop star with signature access to highly classified USA intelligence is MIA.

Introducing Book One.  Prologue One: The Skeleton Score. From:The Universe of MEND™.

“Hey, dude, how much you think a night banging the hottest pop star on the air is worth?”

“Heard from the guys there is killer fighting going on in the family. Big sell-off. Word on the street, nothing short of a miracle’s going to save those losers. That star, she’s the last hope for this clan, sure she knows her individual worth. But get out from under?! Never. Her time might be up?!”

“Yeah, a famous name like Rachel Barrington, granddaughter of one of the most renowned voices in the world. How could she tour the globe, without that entire clan and fans hunting her down?”

All over the net are promos for her next show in New York. Great bait. Someone’s rolling over on the fam using her megaphone voice as the perfect source. Rachel Barrington, flagship name heralding the Barrington power? Not their real name anyway. If she’s on the planet and live, she’s the rabbit hole habit fed to the press.”

“Nah, too many trade secret leaks, sensitive government contracts, with Presidential year ass-kissing liability. Hell, I’m wagering that sweet looking chick is in big trouble. That hit tune of hers gets me in the loins. Some say she didn’t write it herself. Who cares? Spooked through my big ones. Love to get inside her. Can’t help thinkin’ the girl’s already dead or on her way to eternity.”

© Mardi-Ellen Hill 2015/16.    All rights reserved.