Bundling Content using a new platform…


130918TwitterAn alphabet, a fictional dynasty with remarkable talents and history, a secret code…

The bargain: you must enter a fictional dynasty’s fight to get hold of a powerful communication system: MEND™.

Read further and join a fun blog of teasers. It will open your eyes to a whole new world of global power.

Meet the Melody Makers – follow this link for a guide to the key players in this Barrington Family Empire…

4 thoughts on “Bundling Content using a new platform…

  1. lunablue

    This innovative platform will excite both the young and old. It uniquely combines music, storytelling , and technology to produce a whole new exciting medium that leaves you on the edge of your seats wanting more

  2. Steven Infanti

    This is really innovative stuff. I am amazed at how much this has advanced since we talked about it for the Social Media Summit. This platform is not only for the next generation of readers, users, but their entire family. My view is it pulls at the user’s inner knowledge of family “habits” that make up personalized vocabulary. this way of thinking is already out in the global world but never put together like this.

    My view is that this is more than KEY words, this is about KEY syntax and how it is communalized without us even thinking about it.

  3. Dimitry Mendeleev

    I like chemistry, but I like MEND even more. Too bad I didn’t make a place for it in the Periodic Table!

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