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I Odette Rae Spring Greetings
Lily Barrington, protagonist of the prequel book THE SKELETON SCORE is at the Mayflower Hotel, Washington D.C.  She must remember scenes from her life that will lead her to the PASSWORD to her husband’s invention MENDtm.  The media is already on the global route to find the hidden village force field.
II Marie Latest pathway into a thrilling story Lily and her brother Jack are kidnapped kids. They hear their Mother Rose sing on the radio. They map out a compass of signals, in the form of a child’s body.
III Jack Page Turners Live Interview Teenage Lily sings the same tune Rose sang. Jack marks measures of time as his sister Lily sings with an eye to her future husband Henry.
IV Henry Radical new cross-media global entertainment phenomenon Henry’s office is at 230 Park Avenue in NY. Plans for MENDtm are in view. His daughter Rachel’s singing of Rae’s theme will bring all the heirs from the vaugirard village to the auditorium. Rachel is killed before she can reveal the coda to the tune.
V Charles Pathways to Narration Charles who covets everything his cousin Henry has, foils Henry’s plan. In a Boston Church he eulogizes the dead girl. The room fills with her echoing voice. Her voice travels in rows.
VI Rose The World of MENDtm Live Interview Command Central, ROSE’S FASHION ARCADE lights up as each character doll spells out important data about each character.
VII Rachel The Miracle of Invention Rachel’s voice leaves a trail – it unfolds a USER keyboard for each character that will interface with Lily’s MENDtm and lead her to the password.
VIII Mirabel Adventures of Pipeman Live Interview The story of Mirabel and how the vaugirard village came to hold the puzzle of the building blocks of the universe.
IX Lily The Miracle of Invention
Live Interview 
Lily’s memory of the garden in Paris and the poem Rose taught her ignites her memory.
X Dorianne Carbon Footprints Spell Murder Dorianne, dances in St. Petersburg. Her studio explodes as news of Henry’s invention comes to Russia.
XI Misha Event Horizon/iPad Roulette The Boston harbour, young Misha’s body floats by in a Noreaster as the haunting lullaby turns into a diabolical nightmare.
XII Odette Rae Mummified Genre Traveller Live Interview  The Paris Vault. Location of the dynasty secrets in the village church. It will be accessed with the help of the public and the use of MENDtm in record time.
XIII Matyushka Illuminating Skeleton Score Saga Post Office
XIV faberge Rae’s Theme – a Star is killed… A city encased by a hidden score
XV Library of Congress Hot News: 4 In Depth Interviews MENDtm Keyboard

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*Player Footnote:
1. The character dolls are more than avatars. The dolls track code, measure musical time and create a grammar for each page of content. Each doll has a specific musical address on the staff and an atomic number on the periodic table of elements. A doll may not be visible in a scene. For the record, not a one of them ever misses a beat of what is going on anywhere on the planet. Beware!
2. Scenes in the MEND™ TABLET are from all five books in the epic, THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD. These scenes connect the family tune all the way back to its origins.

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  1. Carlora

    Truly Compelling!

    This is sooooo deep…makes you say “only a true creative being can come up with this kind of stuff” LOL. All the best Mardi.

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