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MEND™ (musical encode decode) is a real time invention created and fought over by the characters in my fictional narrative: THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD. The narrative is a series of five books that begins with THE SKELETON SCORE.  Book one, clues us in to the historical roadmap of the ancient Barrington dynasty and their centuries old migration into modern times. The dynasty has many members around the globe who know how their secret musical language was built, maintained and used over the ages. The special Barrington character hierarchy has evolved over many generations to balance the interests of governing systems competing for power around the world. MEND™ is made from the musical language system culled by the Barrington members for posterity.  Yet no one is quite ready for the astronomical speed with which the public is racing to get aboard!

The surfacing of 21st century MEND™ instantly enables any USER/READER to log on and utilize the secret Barrington language. This current occurrence on the global scene poses dangerous extinction issues for the Barrington dynasty, and in turn for all of us. The dynasty’s long developed secret knowledge base and language skills are critical to our forward notions of what reading, writing and speaking means, and how these complex human actions are powered up in our minds and bodies.

Unfortunately, the Barrington members are locked into an all out fight over the identity of the country and recipient fit to carry the burden of such a volatile invention access code. Until the Barrington internal backstabbing can be resolved no one on the planet can partake of this unusual invention and prosper. But delving into the Barrington glossary, MEET THE MELODY MAKERS, a particular requirement leaps out to anyone who thinks they can uphold the Barrington name.  The requirement names the recipient as“one who is first to the table” to write down the family melody and spell out the access code in musical notes understood as international phonetic syllables of text and tone.

As we enter THE SKELETON SCORE, protagonist Lily Barrington is about to unleash the story of the Barringtons and lead a wanting public to the meaning of this four syllable puzzle access code.  The Barrington puzzle is SO valued, that the drive to possess it has already claimed the life of her own daughter and is about to bring down an entire country and world. Unsuspecting Lily finds herself held for murder and treason for the MEND™ access she might give away.  As we follow Lily, guiding her out of her  dilemma, she discovers how her own Barrington history is filled with questions. Yet her unwavering capability in deciphering the meaning of text, tones, words, numbers, gives her audience confidence. Lily Barrington is our hope for the survival of reading where the thrill of interactivity and the power of sound and speech still exist in the act itself.

This document was created as introduction to the Feb. 2010 submission to the “National Book Foundation Innovation in Reading” competition. {external link}

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3 thoughts on “About MEND™

  1. jan rowton

    I will simple-mindedly endorse the articulate comment above. Mardi’s creation is labyrinthine and utterly fascinating at every twist and turn.

  2. Mend is not just a game but rather a very unique experience that really requires a combination of intellect, education, understanding of how we are all connected and a true appreciation for how music can deeply affect our state of being. What Mardi-Ellen has created is extremely sophisticated and simply blows the likes of Harry Potter out of the water. Anyone who truly appreciates the Masters will see this right away. Given the fact that Mardi-Ellen is not just an opera singer or musician but is also a composer, she is able to completely grasp the impact that music can make. Sound is something nature utilizes all the time. However, it is not something many people really understand regardless of how much appreciation or knowledge they may possess. Quite brilliantly, Mardi-Ellen incorporates this key element into the game which renders this to be something that even Aldous Huxley would thoroughly have enjoyed. Mend is not for the simple minded as it provides intellectual stimulation that has been missing from modern day society for ages. If you really wish to be ‘enlightened’ and get a taste of what the real world is about, roll your sleeves up, turn your tv off and get ready for the ride of your life!

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