A dynasty has a secret. The Matriarch, Rose Barrington is passing on the family estate. The heirs are in a global fight to gain control over a new invention, MEND™ – musical encode decode. MEND™ can unearth the dynasty’s power to control everything from economics to science. The dynasty fight escalates and leaks to the media. Time is ticking.

We are introduced to the story protagonist, Lily Barrington, a young woman left out of the family fold. Unbeknownst to Lily, she holds in her hands the default access code to MEND™’s enormous and dangerous power. As part of her DNA, Lily can activate the clan’s originating memory loop. Her presence in any space, can locate a mysterious family tune and trigger MEND™’s inter – connective action. Under certain conditions, MEND™ can instantly document all data surrounding the tune’s arrival anywhere on the planet.

The tune expands like a gas emission in the air. It is invisible to all except those who can hear it. Lily is in dire trouble.

Hidden in a hotel in Washington D.C, she is being used by all members of the dynasty to mobilize their individual agendas. The MEND™ invention only works, when the force of the family is revealed and their power is documented as one signature entity. That revelation has never ever been seen. Lily is our hope for knowledge into the magic of the family. Yet, she has become their odd player for the day.

The dynasty’s fight has boxed in everyone on the planet. We hang in the balance as the dynasty tries to conquer all by risking a checkmate. Lily has been set up as a killer and a treasonous American, her character tarnished, her word at risk.

There is no way out, unless the public turns Lily’s plight into our winning hand.

ENLARGE THE TABLE and get aboard!

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