A teen with a premonition has seconds to access a dynasty company vault –– her MiA mother has disappeared with the only known key to the company’s future.


A gym-locker combo lock, etched in strange music code, is a gift that world-renowned conductor Henry Barrington gives to his young daughter. It holds an heirloom dynasty secret. Ever-curious Rachel, a budding songwriter, embeds the code in a tune she writes. It brings her an instant viral fanbase.  

As a teen star, she unwittingly gives away access to her father’s government high-tech NASA project, throwing herself and her family into a terrifying collision of global events. Her MIA mother must be found in order to solve one of the biggest mysteries of quantum science.  Only Lily Barrington could recognize this coded set of family signals. The story of an ancient dynasty’s dangerous magic opens here. 

STEP into the MEND™ Lair

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