Event: July 12 at 12:30pm | MEND Experience | National Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences


Executive Producer, Mardi-Ellen Hill will open the door to her MEND™ (music, encode/decode) Universe, a radical new content delivery system. The access to this thrilling, hitchhiker world is uncovered by a most unlikely female protagonist in Ms. Hill’s chilling story, “The Skeleton Score” currently being adapted for film, television, and streaming.

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The MEND™ experience explodes…


The MEND™ experience explodes. An unlikely female protagonist awakens to a message left by her young daughter. Encrypted in her child’s haunting song is an access code monetizing a thrilling new invention. The countdown has begun…

Peter Miller writes about Music & MEND™ on Facebook

Music gets to us in ways that words can only hint at. Its harmonies and dissonances, nuances of dynamic ebbs and flows, its mixed emotions, its reflection of the grandeur and grain of human experience — these qualities of music transport us into an ecstasy like no other. Those sounds reverberate to the same frequencies that animate the spiraling of galaxies and the genetic dance that creates our individual identities.

At the same time, the mystery of our existence, where we came from, how we got here, where we’re going, intrigues us beyond our ability to comprehend. Some see themselves as instruments of a Higher Being, or predestined to follow the paths of their ancestors. For others, the notion of a calling defines their quest for meaning. But if no one’s calling, we try to shape our own destiny.

What if there is a hidden purpose to our existence? And what if that purpose is hidden in the harmonies and dissonances of music? That is the genesis of composer Mardi-Ellen Hill’s story of a dynasty that has secretly controlled the world for centuries. Woven into the very fabric of the family’s DNA is a code embedded in music, which the chance hearing of a song confides to the heroine.

Not only a story set to music, this is also a computer game where participants can act out the roles and create new experiences that change the outcome for themselves. Hill calls it MEND, Musical Encode/Decode, which in her orchestration mixes virtual reality and real-life experience in a startlingly new way. Like the first talking movies that brought audiences into seemingly intimate contact with stars, this integrated story / music / game / technology of Mardi-Ellen Hill’s will create a shock of recognition — because it is the way we live now.

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The world is changing. Audiences are looking for new ways to build their paths to venues. Live performance corners a global emerging fanbase in the land of MEND™!

CONTACT: Mardi-Ellen Hill
mardiellenh@aol.com | 
+1 (212) 470-7119

Mardi-Ellen HillMardi-Ellen Hill | Wall Street Journal Woman of Note:
Mardi-Ellen Hill is a two-time recipient of an NEA for a New American work. She has won numerous awards, honors and prizes for her stage work and music composition. Ms. Hill is a Wall Street Journal ‘Woman Of Note’.
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Stylist1-fw3An inventor’s genetic destiny sparks a global threat – will you come aboard to join in the diabolical fun? The amazing world of MEND™ has a book series, film script, games, music, a blog and numerous other products for online and off-line content and immersive space interactivity. A simple lullaby tune morphs/ evolves over centuries. The song has supernatural powers. This family tune can be used miraculously to unlock signature content.

Rachel&RoseWithExplosionRachel Barrington, Star in the prequel book: THE SKELETON SCORE is the smoking gun.. She holds the secret pathway to the dynasty’s interactive technology: MEND™ In one generation the game changes into gold. Dynasty power transfers.

RaeThemeRae’s Theme Variations: A star is killed at the height of her career.Her theme song holds clues to her murder and the secrets that have followed a dynasty for ages…

Listen to two Variations, each triggering different tangential paths of possibility into the Universe of MEND ™:  Piano | Cello

Lily Barrington’s intelligence mission unearthed
Mardi-Ellen Hill’s MULTI MEDIA Project The Universe of MEND™

Video:  The Universe of MEND™ – Official Trailer (2015)mend-book-pitch-Video_thumb


Screenshot_14_08_23_14_18-2Interview with Mardi-Ellen Hill: 930AM WPAT Multicultural Radio 
Mardi-Ellen Hill was interviewed by Diandra Archibald | New York City | 9:00. Listen and read on – you will discover amazing secrets to this new cross-media work. About these ads Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement…

 meh1Interview: Dustin McManus: Mending the Gap Between Fiction and Reality It’s not often that consumers gets to fully immerse themselves in, and become a part of, the product that’s sold to them. But MEND™, an interactive story, is both an ambitious product and small business that seeks to combine fiction with reality….

Screenshot_14_08_23_14_17Our Globe, A Puzzle Enfolded In One Frame  THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD is an epic saga. The prequel book: THE SKELETON SCORE reveals the powers of an ancient dynasty. In the middle ages a crime takes place. A child discloses a family secret. He is quartered and buried at a certain time of day. The parts of the body form a puzzle, a prophesy…

MEND™Elevator01_4loopThe Barringtons , their divine power withstands corruption…. a story about a hidden gift and a new real deal technology!  A Scrambled Message travels by elevator, floor by floor, a four syllable message unfolds in different scenes and cities, until it lands as a full sentence in a hidden destination in Washington D.C  Access code to the new technology MEND™, unlocks the ancestral secrets of a powerful dynasty. Learning the dynasty’s gift of narration, transmission of message, and high powered performance is a shoe-in for the public with this App demo!…

Subsets_Chromatic_fwSneak Preview… MEND™ tablet apps coming soon!  Check out our App sneak preview! The Keyboard uncovers an old french village and a hidden code – the memo possesses a 21st century celeb. A brazen lyric she writes, uncovers the meaning of the memo and gets her killed – we get inside a dynasty’s madness and power! Be sure to go the ‘Flagship store’…

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Versatile Films

Versatile Films


Sneak Peek: Enter Lily Barrington – a strange and most unlikely protagonist…


Extract from:
The Companion Book from the Universe of MEND™ – The Skeleton Score, Prologue II

“…Possessed. The pilot is overcome. Clearly his mind is not functioning properly.

Short circuiting perhaps for an instant, that was it – too simple an explanation. His husky voice is running rampant in an inaccessible language. Seems he is trying to tell the entire universe something. His sound dances in the sky, throwing passengers to all sides of the plane. Wailing with superhuman strength, his message somehow possesses all of us.

What nut locks himself in on a short flight? And what of the co-pilot? No word from him. This odd woman, Lily, our heroine, talks the guy back to his senses. She claims it is her daughter’s new hit. Two tickets to Rachel Barrington’s opening NYC première will seal the deal.

Suddenly, the plane is back on course. Lily Barrington shivers at the bargain she makes. She must find the source of this deadly craze. A star’s hit song ascending could not mean death for all these passengers, or could it? Lily recognizes the key the pilot is reaching for – one that will expand the interstellar universe at a speed that would overtake any plane, and put the earth and all its inhabitants at great risk.

Wearing a frozen smile, the flight attendant slips Lily’s note to the pilot. Immediate silence. Everyone returns to their assigned seats. Chaos quells. Eyes close. Three minutes to D.C.; all souls fall asleep. A deep heart thumping slumber of relief encompasses us.

The plane lands safely at the gate. Everyone disperses. No one will remember the strange interlude pulsing through the limbs of our bodies until we all meet again. It is the price of Lily’s bargain.”

FAST FORWARD to posts describing the Universe of MEND™ – its mind-blowing capabilities for all.

What is MEND™?


DollAnimation_iPod_m4v_01_300dpiMEND™ or music-encode-decode is a private messaging system discovered and used by the cast of characters in the thriller epic, THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD. It’s value to the character’s survival on the planet, is the source of intense rivalry. MEND™ has a time capsule devil’s bargain to it that only the story protagonist can control.

Readers and visitors who want to use MEND™ must enter by way of the first book THE SKELETON SCORE. The book is an exciting new adult adventure. It is also an educating manual – grooming users in the navigation and use of this dynamic new power and operating system. Unlocking secrets with the protagonist, Readers/Users will be able to carry the messaging system into their personal worlds.  They will be able to build their own content space using MEND™ access and story icons.

Here are several story scenes that show how several generations of a dynasty vie for knowlege of MEND™! While reading, you will be learning the character’s amazing skills and trade!
Remember it is time sensitive. MEND™ builds environment. The source of this divine power is at risk.

Get aboard now.

Universe of MEND™ - Start HereSee the MEND™ Dashboard




The world is changing. Audiences are looking for new ways to build their paths to venues. I will be on-site with a fun flash drive, a takeaway for your pleasure. Target your audience. Guide your visitors through a multi-platform universe built for the savvy 21st century presenter. A private messaging system connects your venue to a fictional dynasty’s labyrinthine trail. See you there!

Executive Producer and registered APAP attendee (Association of Performing Arts Presenters New York Conference 2016 | apapnyc.apap365.org | January 15-19/ New York Hilton Midtown), Mardi-Ellen Hill will be in attendance during the conference, available by text | phone | by prior appointment.


Executive Producer Mardi-Ellen Hill at APAP January 2016 Conference in NYC


Welcome the mysteries of the cosmos into your venue space using your personalized Brand Signature.

MEND™ music–encode–decode offers a crowd sourcing delivery platform tool unearthed in a thriller launchpad story. 

As Executive Producer and registered APAP attendee (Association of Performing Arts Presenters New York Conference 2016 | apapnyc.apap365.org | January 15-19/New York Hilton Midtown), I will be on site during the conference, available by text | phone | by prior appointment

Book now for a walk through of an unparalleled multimedia explosion, sure to grab audiences world wide. Roadmap game-play book will be on hand!

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MEND™ a New Media Invention unlocked in book one: THE SKELETON SCORE


Music as classified intelligence. MEND™ -music encode decode – is an intelligence (cognitive) genetic pattern hidden in a family’s ancestry. The powerful Barringtons have a secret that connects them in perpetuity. What happens if this secret goes rogue? In the 21st century the meaning of an age-old song connecting all the members of an ancient family, is unlocked by an inventor seeking to share his family’s powerful gift with the public. Henry Barrington works undercover for the U.S. government. When his pop star daughter mysteriously lands on the family melody, she is murdered. Henry disappears. The blueprints of his MEND™ invention, a software built for commercial use are missing from his office.  

Suspicion mounts in a minute by minute attack on his family. The public disclosure of the events surrounding the star’s murder, the value of the song and the estate fight she leaves behind, builds a frenzy in world markets. The balance of power the Barringtons were gifted through her connecting voice is gone. Only her mother, the ousted Lily Barrington, has the genetic link that can locate the MEND™ blueprints, find Henry alive and restore the family name. 

Time is running out on Lily’s damage control mission. Scroll down to read more about THE SKELETON SCORE, a cosmic thriller taking you into our brave new world!

Must read LINKS! The Skeleton Score Revisited! • Meet the Melody Makers • Rae’s Theme

The Skeleton Score Revisited


Introducing, the fiction thriller, THE SKELETON SCORE. The book shares in the tradition of the “Da Vinci Code”. My narrative breaks new ground. The content brings an encoded musical signal to life in language we all speak. 

THE SKELETON SCORE is a teen to middle-age adult fiction thriller/sci-fi novel bordering on the very real-time interstellar science we are encountering. The book is approximately 175 pages. It is the first book in an epic series.

Quest of protagonist, Lily Barrington: the wife of U.S. inventor, Henry Barrington, unearths critical US data that decodes a notebook left behind by her murdered teen star daughter Rachel. While writing a hit tune, Rachel and her writing partner unwittingly land on the most delicate US intelligence.  Her father’s MEND™ operating design, a powerful new software is at risk. A notebook in the hands of a child on the other side of the Atlantic has been stolen. It holds pivotal access to the software. If Lily does not uncover the age-old meaning of the melody, the actions by a possessed audience will provoke revolt in city after city, where the teen star’s amazing melody is being downloaded and understood. The crowd’s viral thread is already heading right back to the US where Monday morning markets are affected. Dire consequences loom. Steamy sex scenes involving Rachel’s family show up. It is a trading game of secrets, with big stakes over the US power in world markets. What will get that notebook full of the star’s score back into our US hands? 

Mardi-Ellen Hill is a two-time recipient of an NEA for a New American work. She has won numerous awards, honors and prizes for her stage work and music composition. Ms. Hill is a Wall Street Journal ‘Woman Of Note’. She is called upon regularly to speak as a thought-leader and contributes to trade magazines using her MEND™ application in corporate issues and strategy. She recently spoke on international panels at the Hotel Penn and Tavern On the Green. Her greatest love is working with her tech team designing the MEND™ knowledge-based platform.  THE SKELETON SCORE is her first book of fiction – a diabolical memoir. 

See blog teasers, comments radio and print interviews, video and music clips that take the audience into the world of MEND™