A Superpower Invades the Universe of MEND™


Press Release: Story Version | Updated June 8, 2023

MEND™: Bringing Technological Advancement into Entertainment

Mardi-Ellen Hill brings an entirely new world into the spotlight with her creation of the MEND™ Universe. MEND™, which stands for “music encode decode,” brings many new concepts at the forefront of our culture— A.I., cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT, and the metaverse— into a young-adult entertainment space with a story that thrills as much as it educates. The story follows the Barringtons, a musical dynasty with a dangerous secret: their genetic makeup has a song encoded within it that could cause an international crisis if released. With the invention of a new technology, the MEND™ device, this song could be decoded by anyone— if they can get a Barrington to sing it. When the hunt for this powerful song leaves the international pop star, Rachel Barrington, dead, it’s up to her mother, Lily Barrington, to discover who did it and ultimately save the rest of the world. But will this search reveal more about her family than she ever wanted to know? As the hunt for her daughter’s killer continues, she discovers all of the lies and a centuries-long conspiracy.

The original story, The Skeleton Score, serves two niches: it is a psychological thriller, hinging on complex characters and dangerous family dynamics. But it is also an education vessel that provides the fundamental knowledge of some of the most significant technological advancements with an emphasis on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs, and has a business model inherently built into the story. The story lays the groundwork for a wider MEND™ Metaverse where characters can be collected and traded in an online RPG. Upon completing the book, the reader would scan a Q.R. code and receive an NFT of the playable character. They would then join a discord where they would be able to play as their assigned character. As they play with their group, they advance through three levels, all of which would reveal more about the story and allow the players more privileges within the community. The interaction between players would create a DeFi MEND™ marketplace, creation of digital currency through player tokens, and digital real-estate as players advance.

The MEND™ Universe has infinite possibilities, and the story works across several different mediums. Though initially imagined as a book series, it is easily transferable to a screen format, and a script for the first book already exists. Additionally, Hill has a 5-book plan for the series, allowing for future content in either form. The MEND™ Universe contains much more than just a story; it has all the elements of the fast-changing, new digital age that we are barreling towards.

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Bonus Interview: Mardi-Ellen Hill – Creator and Founder of a New Media Platform “MEND Universe”

Mardi-Ellen’s life’s work is something that is no doubt going to have you thinking about how you interact with the world around you. MEND Universe is best understood through the words of the visionary creator herself, but fear not! It is not as complicated as you may think. To quote one of the perfect summations, “Never underestimate a young talent with a simple song.” Strap in HERstorians! There’s a reason this exciting one is a bonus!

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Welcome to MEND™ – A New Utility – Access is found in a Story of a Powerful Dynasty


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Listen to the tune that holds the dying star’s last message

Music by Mardi-Ellen Hill
RAE’s THEME #1 – Mardi-Ellen Hill – Piano
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A world stage playbook unleashes a powerful new phenomenon – MEND™


David Wilks of Torus Tutors Tutoring Academy highly recommends Mardi-Ellen Hill’s MEND™ story as an excellent learning tool to any institution engaged in critical learning and thinking.

Hill’s MEND™ Universe brings the topology of Musical Art [DW1], Geography, History, Mathematics and Science into a composite orchestral piece that allows students a unique connection to all of these academic areas: i.e., the science of evaluating and appreciating how musical notes relate to the Geometric Structured DNA helix within them.

Hill’s masterpiece teaches students the all-important transcendent connections between Mathematics, Art, Science and Music, in its Quantum Mechanical ideas. In MEND™ the unique yet related melodic functions connect the past century with the present, penetrating the past by opening it up with a keystroke. Students learn how this relates to another property of Quantum Mechanics called Quantum Tunneling: the ability of a particle to penetrate an impenetrable, such as a solid wall, and end up on the other side of the wall. It follows that we may someday be able to penetrate the past and travel back into time at speeds faster than the speed of light, in and out of time and space, through a journey in its keystrokes.

Most jaw-dropping is that Hill’s MEND™ masterpiece, written before the turn of this century, was unbeknownst to us, to become a foreteller of the virus now upon us, simultaneously forcing its captive sheltered audience to fully embrace AI (Artificial Intelligence) (A.R) Artificial Reality and V.L.) Virtual Learning…. taking them into a new epoch. Ironically, this experience is opening a new world of tremendous avenues of opportunity for our scholars in these now fully evolving technologies.

More info at: https://menduniverse.com/2020/04/30/voyage-with-me-a-deep-love-of-discovery-unearths-a-new-era-in-the-realm-of-mend/

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Summary for 5 Book Franchise Series: “The Skeleton Score”


Enter the microcosm of a thrilling new platform.
Begin by reading the brief summary below.
It is the overview of a book series and screenplay…


The death of a child is every mother’s worst nightmare. But Lily Barrington soon discovers the brutal murder of her daughter Rachel was not just a simple homicide. Rachel, Lily learns, was the subject of an elaborate genetic experiment – an experiment that created both the exotically beautiful, exceptionally gifted singer that was her child… and the composition Rachel released to the world the day she was killed. A composition that contains within it a power that could literally change the world.

Deep within the hidden recesses of Washington D.C.’s National Archives, Lily unearths centuries-old documents that hint at the nature of that power. She is shocked to find clues suggesting it is woven into the very DNA of a select, secretive group of individuals: her own family, the Barringtons. That power has made the Barringtons extraordinarily wealthy and influential – and has enabled them to direct mankind’s affairs since medieval times. Rachel’s song unwittingly released that power to the world.

The fight to control it sets in motion a globe-spanning chase that soon draws in not only other members of the Barrington family – including Lily’s estranged husband Henry, a brilliant scientist who has been working to recreate the Barrington’s power through technology he calls MEND –but Rachel’s fans as well. A chase that brings Lily face to face with both bloody, terrifying death… and the promise of new life.

Because contained within Rachel’s song… within the power that is Lily’s family birthright… is the secret that can enable her daughter Rachel to live once more.

The MEND Saga:

As in the Harry Potter franchise… the Twilight novels… the X-Files… the SKELETON SCORE instantly plunges audiences into an alternate reality…  a world that seems exactly like our own… until the secret order behind it is revealed.

The SKELETON SCORE is the first novel in a planned five-book series introducing the MEND concept and the Barrington family to readers.

Musical ENcode/Decode

Imagine a future where music carries information… a world where blockchain technology conceals not cryptocurrency but knowledge… where the key to untold power lies within a song…

That world is our own. That future is now.

Introducing MEND™ – a revolutionary concept more than a decade in the making, a concept that operates at the intersection of science and science fiction… in the universe of story, and in the here-and-now of our own world…

Based on concepts developed by acclaimed, award-winning composer/author Mardi-Ellen Hill (a Wall Street Woman of Note, a 2-time NEA Award Winner, recipient of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts and numerous other honors), MEND is built from the ground up to take specific advantage of new digital storytelling platforms as well as traditional media. Replicating Henry Barrington’s device is but the first of many ways MEND can operate in the real world. This encode/decode technology is available for deployment across a multitude of consumer/provider platforms.