A Human Blueprint Emerges in a New Exciting Thriller…


Spoiler Alert Notes to all Viewers of the MEND™ Trailer!

Trailer opens the path to the dynasty home…

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Countdown to preserve a dynasty’s secret interstellar lineage. On earth, a royal dynasty family name is embedded in a number pattern that expands and contracts the cosmos, making time travel, automation, and delivery a tempting user-friendly mobile experience. 21st Century tech news hits the net when a hot young pop star unaware of her royal dynasty background composes a song that distributes a strange signature pattern to the public. She is killed.

Without insider knowledge and admission into the dynasty fold, the song’s meaning is lost. The tune that brings the dynasty’s power to earth can change form to return the family home. The killer has devised a keypad access code that locates the dynasty pattern using the pop star’s score. MEND™ is one of the most powerful and dangerous inventions of our time. And the song already has escaped into our consciousness…

Here’s a recap of a live presentation in 2018…

Event | MEND Experience
National Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences

Executive Producer, Mardi-Ellen Hill will open the door to her MEND™ (music, encode/decode) Universe, a radical new content delivery system. The access to this thrilling, hitchhiker world is uncovered by a most unlikely female protagonist in Ms. Hill’s chilling story, “The Skeleton Score” currently being adapted for film, television, and streaming.

New York Emmys Group
National Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences (NATAS)
New York Chapter

4 thoughts on “A Human Blueprint Emerges in a New Exciting Thriller…

  1. David

    It looks really intriguing Mardi I like the Quantum Technology overtones. It will powerful to use the powerful binary code capabilities of the Q-bit to crack the code; thus bringing a generational cosmological challenge to code cracking down to a mere 10 minutes or less

  2. Martha Lamas

    A great thriller!!! which gets better and better. Have been following for a while and can’t wait until the next scene evolves. Thanks for your hard work!!!!

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