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  1. S Thomas

    With the MEND universe, Mardi has created a fascinating world of music and adventure–through the eyes of women!– that explores those universal human themes of family, history and truth. I’m excited to see and hear it come to life, as it absolutely longs to!

  2. Phillip Bevers

    It was absolutely wonderful to meet you! Your creativity is contagious and inspirational. I’ve only had interaction with MEND for a short time but I’m already fully captivated by the immensity of the universe and all of the details within it. This endeavor will, without a doubt in my mind, stand the tests of time, and I can’t wait to stand alongside it.

  3. Claudia Corrieri

    Thank you for letting me in to your gorgeous world, Mardi! I love the locations, the strength of the female characters, the concept of the beauty and poetry inherently inside of the music. Can’t wait for more!

  4. Ave

    I met Mardi in a coffee shop. Her interest in the lives of others was immediately noticeable and she learned a lot about me in a short amount of time. This interest is a testament to the desire to create a gift for the generations to come, a gift of knowledge of the world to come and enthusiastic preparation to weather it. The fascist uprising of our time is being quelled in part by a generation of open minded and passionate readers of novels like Harry Potter, novels that taught the youth how to react to very real and complex problems that adults are too exhausted and set in their ways to understand. The next rising behemoth of our time is the fight to free information in the world; information that maintains the status quo of inequality and threatens to create a new dark age in which education is akin to a crime and gatekeeping puts a lid on generations of innovation. The problems our youth face are very real, and the solution cannot wait. It must be presented in the critical time of youth in which dreams are made.

    Young readers don’t need a story that belittles their ability with oversimplified plots. As a math and science tutor, my observation about young people is that they have cognitive abilities that are vastly underestimated and considerably expansive when given room to grow. They need a story that validates their critical thinking ability and respects their autonomy as individuals. They need a blueprint for how to interrogate the world and its secrets. MEND is a very elegant solution toward that end. This universe promises to take a generation of curious, thoughtful people and prepare them for the passionate problem solving that is increasingly becoming endangered in their lives. MEND is an act of public good and I support its existence with my entire being.

  5. Kendra Atkins

    It was certainly a pleasure meeting you, as well! Thank you so much for sharing your passion with us. I must admit that I am not a huge fantasy/video/virtual reality person, but your story definitely drew me in. I was in total awe hearing about the amount of time and effort you put into this project and how well you have everything laid out, from books to video games and the like. I am very excited to follow your journey and wish you the best of luck, you deserve it!

  6. Emily Miller

    This is such a great concept! I love the idea of using music as a decoder! I was already on the edge of my seat reading the summary. Looking forward to seeing what comes of Lily’s story.

  7. Michael Katz

    Mardi’s screenplay is a riveting piece that you won’t want to put down–I know I didn’t. EVERYONE should read this not only because it’s an incredibly suspenseful and compelling story but also because it will give you a newfound appreciation for the power of music to convey meaning and messages across time and space. I can’t wait to see this work come to life in whatever new medium it may be–whether it’s a novel or a film or a TV series.

  8. Martin Coren

    As an educator, I know that for them to succeed, the 21st century student needs to navigate through complex, multi-dimensional tasks, and that these young people will only be motivated if they have the power and know-how to interact with their world in ways that allow them to help determine the outcome of issues and challenges that face us all. It’s clear to me that MEND can go a long way toward laying the groundwork for these students to reach their potential by teaching the skills that are necessary for such success while also motivating youth, through its many interactive facets, to reach for their potential.

  9. Kyndera Keithley

    Mardi Ellen Hill’s Mend is such a fucking brilliant idea. I cannot wait to see the magic of this journey unfold. Thank you for sharing your life’s work of creativity, it is truly epic. NEVER stop creating, it is the greatest rebellion of our existence 🙂

    Love always

  10. Mardi Ellen Soon MEND will be added to this tech age in the nano pages of history! Communicating with your own DNA Musical Codes and being able to encode then and decode them sounds thrilling, even chilling! We need to MEND many things gone rogue in the world today!

  11. Mardi I wish to congratulate you again on your remarkable invention! It’s been an honor watching you and your creative epic evolve and everything in its perfect timing gets unveiled and yours is one to reckon with and I can’t wait to see Silicon Valley embrace you and your multimedia franchise so that the world can read and have in its hands the power to MEND with the vibrations of your musical toolbox. What a journey awaits… blessings and best wishes always…you are a true modern day genius my friend! Sieze this moment in history with pride! You have already earned it and then some… cheers!!! Marisela

  12. I got cut off. But like I was saying I couldn’t believe this project wasn’t a major box office’s amazing! I LOVE that the storyline is so intriguing exciting urban and current and to top it off, it’s informative scifi that crosses thru 5 decades of how we communicate and share images and sound. I think the potential with MEND is beyond what anyone imagined…much like Star Wars, the Hunger Games, Fantastic Four but it merging scifi with the human social and political issues. I’m already a big FAN… I can’t wait to join the everyday heroes on the journey through the Mend Universe and buy the movie, music and promotional products. Get ready to be apart of an amazing parallel world…

  13. Kristin Catuogno

    Super excited to see how everything unfolds! This is so creative and there is nothing out there like this!

  14. Phillip Hogue

    I think this is a great adventure in how a disrupter can completely turn everything you know on its head. This is the new world we live in where the way a business worked, an industry standard existed and market was orderly has been completely upended by a new upstart out of the blue. Just like the way ATT had to shift gears and business because of cell phones, retailers have had to shift their business because of amazon, newspapers and magazines and libraries dissolved after the internet, Google, and Facebook took over news and information, the way even computer makers and car manufacturers have had to switch because of Uber, Lyfte, and the “sharing economy and the cloud. Work is not the same, business is not the same and politics is not the same. Its a whole new, “Brave New World” out there. We’ve just got to hold on to the edges and hope we don’t slip off when we loose our grip on reality. A perfect reflection of the upheaval in our lives and our world!

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