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65 thoughts on “Add a Comment

    • Lindsay J Puchall

      I love love love the concept of this novel and so excited to see it come to life! I am looking forward to seeing this incredible story continue to unfold. The mix of music and technology is purely genius!

  1. Katherine Altobello

    I have been in awe of this project, and have witnessed Mardi’s diligent work. It’s wonderful to see how much MEND has grown and will continue to blossom!

  2. Carl Booberg

    The brilliance of this creation is undeniable! Mardi Ellen Hill has demonstrated myriad applications for the fascinating story of this amazing family. Publishers, both traditional and electronic, take note! The gamesters, the fans of fantasy, the lovers of mysteries, the avid readers of family sagas will all be rewarded once this “story” is brought to the public. It will appeal to many age groups, and will delight them all with its intricacies and its rewards. Who’s going to be the producer who brings this marvelous tale to the waiting world????

  3. Connie Leone

    This is definitely going to be a hit. I am mesmerized by the whole story. It just keeps you wanting more. It is a real thriller to the end. Ms. Hill is a genius. She kindly gave me the full manscript to read. With all Ms.Hill’s brilliance I find her to be a genuine woman. When speaking to people she has a real gift of communication. I think her work will surpass Harry Potter. She is telling a story that broad audiences will relate to.

  4. Paul Miklusky

    Like all genuine artists blessed with creative gifts, Mardi-Ellen Hill listens to the ways of the world on a different frequency than most, transcribing and interpreting for us a new way of seeing things, like a musical version of pentimento. We see things in a new way through her eyes. She uses her talents to broaden and inform our world with a fresh way of interpreting events that both intrigues, entertains and informs.

  5. Julian Goodwin

    Mardi-Ellen Hill’s Mend(tm) universe, an ongoing huge projest of writing. television and music as an underlying code to map out our world and the family links — in the case of the Barrington’s– sinister family links, is awesome. She has devoted years io this most imaginative project and we await the coming novels with anticipation.

  6. The world created by Mardi represents another dimension, similar to our own but ahead of its time. The story is amazing in all the ways a story can be. Romance, drama, suspense, and even a little comedy. But it is the way the technology created by Mardi interacts with the story that is truly special.

    I know I speak for many of her supporters when I say that I can’t wait for this to become a global phenomenon. The world needs this story.

  7. Paris

    There was a major revolution in the world around 1440 when Gutenberg invented the movable print printing press. Information that had been kept in the hands of a few was available to the many. Social media is creating a new revolution making information instantly accessible. People need platforms like the Mend platform in order to understand and make use of this new world that we are entering. This is an incredible tool for understanding, profiting and succeeding in this new media world. It not only gives the user knowledge of the world around them but knowledge of themselves and access to places and solutions they never knew existed in the universe.

  8. Carolyn Greer

    I follow your path with interest and excitement and look forward to reading the series and perhaps being seduced into the fray. Regards Carolyn Greer

  9. Meryl

    Cool idea, the website is kinda confusing though… is it a book or a blog, ect?
    not quite sure what MEND is completely…

  10. Donna Blaszczyk

    I just finished reading “Starchild: Trick Palace” by Mardi-Ellen Hill and Tom Maddox which is based on “The Spell of Vaugirard” by Mardi-Ellen Hill. Mardi has created a visually enchanting experience which takes the reader into the world of the Barringtons. The story unfolds with intrigue and a secret which the family has carried for hundreds of years. Through the musical clues, the main character, Lily, moves into a world she has lived in her whole life but could never have imagined. Everything she has felt deep in her subconscious becomes conscious reality with every step she takes in solving the family mystery.
    The music and visuals are woven together in a unique way. It is a psychological thriller that haunts you as it haunts the Barrington family.

  11. Shiya

    I like this hp. Its so nice,beautiful and the color combination are perfect. You do a lot of good work to built such a nice page like this. Very interesting…:)

    Shiya from Germany

  12. What Mardi Ellen is doing with her app is not only fun, but educational regarding so many fields of study. She gives you the characters, story, and clues, along with the music which is extremely important when it comes to her work. You will have the opportunity to change the story, characters, music, along the way. This is so unique, and one app you won’t mind sharing with the entire family, classroom, and friends.
    I can’t believe the mind – of Mardi Ellen – to work from the left side and to the right side, as we know the creative part of us is usually the right side, and the left side comes the intricate detail and figures, planning, etc. But Mardi, with all her brilliance has combined her thought process, creating of of the first of its kind app.
    Please take some time and read what she has to say on her blog.
    It was a pleasure getting to know Mardi, having the opportunity to talk with her before the show, understanding the app, listening to the planned process, as I tried to use both sides of my own brain. Just thinking about it is difficult, all of you must experience it for yourself.
    Sincerely, and Hugs to you Mardi, Nancy (Denofio)

  13. Emma

    Such a great and complex work. I like that the website is a bit of a puzzle itself, following the links to get to the story… Now we need the actual story! Are there plans for a graphic novel? It seems ideal for that format.

  14. Mardi Ellen weaves an intricate tapestry about the underpinnings and corruption a family dynasty has had over banking systems spanning centuries in Paris, the center of power and romanticism. A masterpiece of imagery, sound and scent used by this dynasty is about to go global once the debut of their family “star” is heard worldwide. But tragedy strikes and the balance of their power is in jeopardy. A riveting story. It pulled me in!

  15. Cantor Emanuel C. Perlman

    The melody in Rae’s song is hauntingly original and at the same time eerily familiar! 
    The unique collection of melodic motifs once familiar magically creates a learned, responsive memory and then synthesizes into one theme.

    Cantor Emanuel C. Perlman
    Baltimore, Maryland

  16. The complexity of MEND is so innovative that for many it is beyond comprehension. Lucky for Mardi this is how most great innovations get their start. For if it were so easy and accessible for anyone to be both different and interesting, then the value of different and interesting would vanish. I can’t wait to see where this goes and where it takes the market in terms of increasingly complex, multi-layered online experiences.

  17. billbodonavich

    Intriguing is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Check it out as you’ll get hooked the way I did.
    This was a long time coming and being a part of the MEND followers.

  18. Bill Bodonavich

    Such an awesome adventure that you have toiled upon effortlessly, to bring us a story that will become the next international phenomenon of this century.
    Please everyone check it out and donate any amount to make this happen.
    Highly recommend being a part of this great undertaking.

  19. billbodonavich

    Just when you thought this could not get any more exciting.
    Mardi is the master story teller bringing an age old story to light.
    This will take you to all corners of the globe.

  20. This is an amazing project and I cant wait to see where it goes. Its not only a great tale it is great and powerful thought behind the story as powerful as the DaVinci Code.

  21. The world is changing. However, this change has not simply come about overnight. As human beings interact with one another, there is almost a story that can be created by the events that have occurred throughout one’s life as well as new discoveries about the world.

    Mend is not just a game but rather a very unique experience that really requires a combination of intellect, education, understanding of how we are all connected and a true appreciation for how music can deeply affect our state of being. What Mardi-Ellen has created is extremely sophisticated and simply blows the likes of Harry Potter out of the water. Anyone who truly appreciates the Masters will see this right away. Given the fact that Mardi-Ellen is not just an opera singer or musician but is also a composer, she is able to completely grasp the impact that music can make. Sound is something nature utilizes all the time. However, it is not something many people really understand regardless of how much appreciation or knowledge they may possess. Quite brilliantly, Mardi-Ellen incorporates this key element into the game which renders this to be something that even Aldous Huxley would thoroughly have enjoyed. Mend is not for the simple minded as it provides intellectual stimulation that has been missing from modern day society for ages. If you really wish to be ‘enlightened’ and get a taste of what the real world is about, roll your sleeves up, turn your tv off and get ready for the ride of your life!

    In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer will talk to the award winning and talented Mardi-Ellen Hill about her life’s work creating Mend.

  22. Thank you Mardi for continuing to share your great vision within MEND. I also wish to thank you for your continued best wishes with our versatile business. We value your many contributions to the entertainment industry and look forward to more MEND news as it develops into the multi-media franchise that will take the world by storm…Blessings…

  23. Martha Lamas

    Your work is futuristic with a visionary touch so well needed at this time. I also look forward to your continued contributions to the entertainment industry as well as technological advancement. Best, Martha Lamas

  24. Abigail Regier

    Brilliant! The intrigue of the story is so tantalizing and the technology holding it all together, dazzling. I do hope this project finds it’s new incarnation. A wonderful puzzle that can teach as much as it entertains, that should get many more followers seeking to ‘crack the code…..’

  25. Burton Fletcher, MD

    I find this idea genius. Why isn’t this a movie yet? Or an app? Looking forward to see how this progresses. This could get a lot more young people interested in science.

  26. Kathryn Kane

    Looking forward to your event in February. I believe you are planning to broadcast live and web live. Can’t wait until details are announced. Lots of interest!

  27. Francisca

    This is an amazing work! Can’t wait to watch it on the silver screen! It’s so much about today’s digital world but you also learn something about our history! Great!

  28. Jessie Campo

    Going out with the flow of a rainy day, I literally bumped into Mardi at a Bagel Shop.
    I was being very kind to a Mexican worker imposing the Spanish language upon him, when I heard “English is rare in our days” I got really interested to see who would have the guts to say it out loud? So I responded in French, “Vous parlez francais?” Mardi replied in French, “Oui, je parle francais” From this moment our two beings merged in an endless conversation.

    What I love the most about Mardi, is her passion for MEND. She is living MEND, therefore the uniqueness of it is mind blowing and breathtaking. MEND is a different matrix an opening to another dimension. MEND unifies the many gifts of Mardi. I am impatient to see it spread like American butter on a French Baguette all around the world!!!

    Much Love and Blessings to a Genius Mind.


  29. Mardi is a true talent, very passionate and the Universe of MEND MEDIA is an amazing, innovative and unique concept.
    I wish you Mardi all the best and a lot of success and I have no doubt your work will flourish very soon internationally.

    Sabrina from International Arts Manager

  30. Patricia Palermo

    Brilliant and unique work of strength and spirit that will open minds and hearts. Brava, Mari Ellen Hill!
    Sign me,
    Dr. Patricia Palermo, professor and writer

  31. Dawn Powell

    As a fellow writer and longtime admirer of the innovative, I can say that what Ms. Mardi Hill has captured and created here is nothing short of genius. Brilliant, entertaining, and multi-layered. A genuine work of art.
    Dawn Powell, American writer

  32. M.E. Carter, writer

    Mardi Ellen Hill has created a work of stunning originality. This epic thriller/quantum saga brings the reader into a dystopian world of music, quantum physics and the ever important ticking clock. Not only is the idea unique, but the writing offers readers a new way to interact with story and narrative. So excited to see this project come into fruition and get the support it truly deserves.

  33. Phillip Hogue

    I think this is a great adventure in how a disrupter can completely turn everything you know on its head. This is the new world we live in where the way a business worked, an industry standard existed and market was orderly has been completely upended by a new upstart out of the blue. Just like the way ATT had to shift gears and business because of cell phones, retailers have had to shift their business because of amazon, newspapers and magazines and libraries dissolved after the internet, Google, and Facebook took over news and information, the way even computer makers and car manufacturers have had to switch because of Uber, Lyfte, and the “sharing economy and the cloud. Work is not the same, business is not the same and politics is not the same. Its a whole new, “Brave New World” out there. We’ve just got to hold on to the edges and hope we don’t slip off when we loose our grip on reality. A perfect reflection of the upheaval in our lives and our world!

  34. Kristin Catuogno

    Super excited to see how everything unfolds! This is so creative and there is nothing out there like this!

  35. I got cut off. But like I was saying I couldn’t believe this project wasn’t a major box office’s amazing! I LOVE that the storyline is so intriguing exciting urban and current and to top it off, it’s informative scifi that crosses thru 5 decades of how we communicate and share images and sound. I think the potential with MEND is beyond what anyone imagined…much like Star Wars, the Hunger Games, Fantastic Four but it merging scifi with the human social and political issues. I’m already a big FAN… I can’t wait to join the everyday heroes on the journey through the Mend Universe and buy the movie, music and promotional products. Get ready to be apart of an amazing parallel world…

  36. Mardi I wish to congratulate you again on your remarkable invention! It’s been an honor watching you and your creative epic evolve and everything in its perfect timing gets unveiled and yours is one to reckon with and I can’t wait to see Silicon Valley embrace you and your multimedia franchise so that the world can read and have in its hands the power to MEND with the vibrations of your musical toolbox. What a journey awaits… blessings and best wishes always…you are a true modern day genius my friend! Sieze this moment in history with pride! You have already earned it and then some… cheers!!! Marisela

  37. Mardi Ellen Soon MEND will be added to this tech age in the nano pages of history! Communicating with your own DNA Musical Codes and being able to encode then and decode them sounds thrilling, even chilling! We need to MEND many things gone rogue in the world today!

  38. Kyndera Keithley

    Mardi Ellen Hill’s Mend is such a fucking brilliant idea. I cannot wait to see the magic of this journey unfold. Thank you for sharing your life’s work of creativity, it is truly epic. NEVER stop creating, it is the greatest rebellion of our existence 🙂

    Love always

  39. Martin Coren

    As an educator, I know that for them to succeed, the 21st century student needs to navigate through complex, multi-dimensional tasks, and that these young people will only be motivated if they have the power and know-how to interact with their world in ways that allow them to help determine the outcome of issues and challenges that face us all. It’s clear to me that MEND can go a long way toward laying the groundwork for these students to reach their potential by teaching the skills that are necessary for such success while also motivating youth, through its many interactive facets, to reach for their potential.

  40. Michael Katz

    Mardi’s screenplay is a riveting piece that you won’t want to put down–I know I didn’t. EVERYONE should read this not only because it’s an incredibly suspenseful and compelling story but also because it will give you a newfound appreciation for the power of music to convey meaning and messages across time and space. I can’t wait to see this work come to life in whatever new medium it may be–whether it’s a novel or a film or a TV series.

  41. Emily Miller

    This is such a great concept! I love the idea of using music as a decoder! I was already on the edge of my seat reading the summary. Looking forward to seeing what comes of Lily’s story.

  42. Kendra Atkins

    It was certainly a pleasure meeting you, as well! Thank you so much for sharing your passion with us. I must admit that I am not a huge fantasy/video/virtual reality person, but your story definitely drew me in. I was in total awe hearing about the amount of time and effort you put into this project and how well you have everything laid out, from books to video games and the like. I am very excited to follow your journey and wish you the best of luck, you deserve it!

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