A new technology: MEND™ – it arrives via a thriller story


WHAT IS MEND™- music encode decode?

130901PostEveryone knows he or she owns a personalized signature, right? Whether it is your pen and ink extravaganza, your stylish gait, your tatoo message, your texting imprimatur, your vocal cache, your unique model for creating content, the arrival of your presence in a room – your signature in all its forms – rolls out a continuum that evolves throughout your life.

If you get this, you are on your way to understanding the technology of MEND™ and how it will allow you to harness vital aspects of the way you alone process data and broadcast data.

Every human who connects to the physical world is leaving footprints of an evolving signature.  Yours is a signature that proves ancestry, ownership, identity and more. Your signature holds critical data that spells out who you are, and what you are about.

Why is it called MEND™ – music encode decode?

The dimension of music provides a medium in which one’s signature and identity can be hidden, archived like a banking accounting system and revealed at any later time..

As humans who act from a thoroughly unconscious and automatic realm, we give each action, a particular value, often without realizing what that value is…

Spoiler Alert!

An inventor designs a mobile network based on the genetic signature of his family.  He uses two daughters to show how a music score they unwittingly create on a iPad, unlocks the destination of a hidden village.  Inside that village the remains of an ancestor are buried in a music puzzle.  Until the 21st century, deciphering the puzzle’s meaning was impossible.  Computers have changed all that for a yearning online crowd. MEND™ access is dependent upon the puzzle reveal – a key that connects all of the members of the family.  The access key gives the family tremendous communication power. It is time for all of us to have this power!

Fiction Meets Real Time

Rachel Barrington lands on a melody that opens the family’s private music dimension.

The inventor Henry Barrington and wife have been on the outs. Their debutante star daughter Rachel Barrington is suddenly murdered. Someone wants to make sure the puzzle remains buried and MEND™ is closed to the public.  Henry must find a way to get the attention of his wife, Lily. Both Henry and Lily may soon be held as prime suspects in the murder.  Timing is critical. The puzzle that gives access to the public is dependent on Lily’s access to the family history.  Lily will be shocked to learn many family secrets.

To get her attention, Henry sends her messages using the family melody – everything from TTYL to LOL and more can be sent using this melody.  Wherever she is on earth, Lily must be able to hear Henry’s passionate call in order for her to open the village puzzle found in the first book : THE SKELETON SCORE. (To discover more about the Skeleton Score Book series, contact Mardi-Ellen Hill).

Find out more by clicking on: MEET THE MELODY MAKERS.
And read on to contribute to the MEND™ blog!

5 thoughts on “A new technology: MEND™ – it arrives via a thriller story

  1. Dana

    Praise and thanks to Mardi for taking us on this amazing journey! Be careful not to blink, at risk of missing a beat of this wonderful tale. I am privileged to have climbed aboard this ride, with all it’s twists & turns, and am thrilled and excited to see what comes next.

  2. Once again, I’m thrilled to visit this blog. Each time, I read an article here, it opens my mind and makes me think “outside the box”. I never looked at a signature as more than just a simple piece of writing. Now. I see that a signature is much more! It is an “identity” It’s something that describes us and makes us stand out from the rest of the world. MEND you are amazing and this blog is your SIGNATURE!!!

  3. Absolute amazing.. Brilliant and most enjoyable to see this exiting development. It amazes me how technology can be used. People of my age, very few over 70 delve into experiencing all that this new world has to offer us, Too advanced and complicated for the majority!

  4. Mardi, again I can’t help but congratulate you on your amazing talents and brilliant intellect. The combination of music and most anything can only bring about enlightenment and a positive effect. Its wonderful that you have dedicated restless days and night putting together the pieces of music and new codes within this amazing puzzle within your story. Can’t wait to see this go viral. The world is going to love MEND.

  5. This project never fails to amaze me! Nor does your ability to make this program understandable and let everyone see how truly fascinating it is! I have so enjoined watching the progress and development of this amazing platform!

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