A world wide echo chamber circulates the tune and words of a STAR!


Teen superstar singer Rachel Barrington has written a prescription for her own suicide – murder.

Rae’s new spicy lyric is an aching letter to her current beloved. Four key words are embedded in the lyric. The memo tells of the existence of a family burial plot. The spot holds a secret to an amazing genetic link to our world.

As Rachel lays dying the media broadcasts the haunting tune and lyric. Reverb of the star’s words on air are so powerful, that eyes and ears are revving up all around the world.

Everyone is awakening, looking for the home base to Rachel’s bounty. Only her mother, Lily Barrington who shares the same bed of her daughter’s beloved can unlock the meaning to this memo, before it threatens to bring down an entire nation.

To get aboard open Chapter One of THE SKELETON SCORE and listen to the RAE’S THEME. A hot new technology MEND™is about to surface. MEND™ has a keyboard that will be used for personal USER toolbox interactive ACCESS. The public is coming aboard. Scroll down!

Paris to DC

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