Sneak Preview… MEND™ tablet apps coming soon!


Check out our App sneak preview! The Keyboard uncovers an old french village and a hidden code – the memo posesses a 21st century celeb. A brazen lyric she writes, uncovers the meaning of the memo and gets her killed – we get inside a dynasty’s madness and power!

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Be sure to go the ‘Flagship store’ post. The MEND™ Character Keyboard is the way into the dynasty’s wares. Get aboard from anywhere in the world…

© 2012 Mardi-Ellen Hill/Mend™ – All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Sneak Preview… MEND™ tablet apps coming soon!

  1. This is wonderful Mardi. I am very impressed with all the latest developments in the MEND creation. Thank you for your perseverance and restless dedication to your masterpiece. I know it will MEND!!!!

  2. I am so excited for you, this has been worth the time and its certainly going to fly. When you are dictating, solving, and performing the app your way, through characters. Nancy

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