A Legacy – a gift gone wild until a new invention harnesses a family’s diabolical power


four cities 4000 dimensions

A beautiful young star is killed. She is a threat to many. Without noticing it she has landed on the family gift. Her innate talent is off the charts. Lucky for us, the star leaves behind her hallmark melody and a documented handwritten musical score. Her family’s trademark seal of four notes appears within the score. For decades in her lifetime, and centuries prior to her birth, no one person or persons could decode the seal’s true meaning – nor its magical power to unfold a secret trading route around the globe.

Enter the new invention MEND™ – music encode decoding keypad that memorializes the star’s ancestry and opens out a hidden world to the public. The keypad is found within an elevator that has circulation world wide.

Embark on a thrilling voyage from idea to product. See how this family makes, stores and retrieves content…

4 thoughts on “A Legacy – a gift gone wild until a new invention harnesses a family’s diabolical power

  1. Steven Infanti

    I love this technology. The software as a mobile entity would be incredible. This is applications for education, this is applications for training, this is really good stuff…

  2. Think outside the box and come inside Mardi Ellen Hill’s MEND Universe, where you will begin an extraordinary journey of the mind and spirit. This brilliant work of creativity is one that you will hardly want to walk away from once you start – the author is so authentic. Once you become immersed you will find yourself very fortunate indeed to be along for the ride. The world is ready—and must be introduced— to this unique endeavor. Praise for Mardi Ellen Hill and her magical talent that stretches far beyond one’s wildest imagination.

  3. This is an amazing technoligical and educational platform! I love following it and seeing the excitement as people realize the amazing potential of this tool!

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