A crowd ignites the MEND™ protoype



A star with an important message for her public has just been murdered. Her inventor father has disappeared. The message was intended to give an all important access code to the public re-accessing her father’s thrilling new invention.

Surfacing – a new prototype. The blueprint is hidden inside this master book. Access to the new prototype operating system, is ignited through a diabolical story. A family’s secret and powerful genetic code is revealed as it reaches the 21st century.

A family’s age-old theme song unfolds the secret of how the prototype works.  A star sings. Her voice is unmatched in beauty. She is the object of desire of many. One killer in particular has it in for her. It is jealousy over her earning-power. Her tune spreads through an auditorium like wildfire. Member voices of her clan come awake as the tune sparks their joined memory. An event in history, shared by all hearing the tune, brings the pages of their book to life. The message she is parting with will be her last. She is about to die.

As soon as her family song is heard in raw form, your contract with the original family is sealed. You won’t want to miss this installment. Are you in the family now? You never know…

Oh C’mon. It’s free. No dough needed here. The price of admission to hear the star’s final message, is your soul on loan for the night. Don’t give it a second thought. Gottcha. Wherever you are in the world. You’re in!

4 thoughts on “A crowd ignites the MEND™ protoype

  1. Steven Infanti

    Another impressive installment. You c can really get a feel for how the technology and the music can take you around the world with this one

  2. Diane Snyder Brown

    This is great! The enthusiasm is building! Can’t wait to see this come to fruition in its fullest form!

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