A dynasty’s master book holds the specs to a thrilling global operating system


The Specs to a new operating system are missing.  An encoded message left behind by a doomed young Star locates a dynasty’s master book of biz secrets.

The task of decoding the time-sensitive message will take the star’s global followers into a harrowing tale of romance and thriller action. This blog is dedicated to introducing a new multiplatform-property based on a fictional story.

The story unlocks a powerful real-time tech fold-in!  Read on to find out more.

Each instalment reveals more of the power play of this age old dynasty.

2 thoughts on “A dynasty’s master book holds the specs to a thrilling global operating system

  1. Mardi, I am so proud of you for persevering on this extraordinary new market entertainment franchise. The fact that a new operating system can be rolled out simultaneously within the story, sets the stage for what could become a huge success of the likeliness of the Harry Potter franchise, only more so since HP didn’t have a real time invention that could be rolled out from within the films. You are brilliant. The world needs more women like you, empowered by versatile talents that are backed by skills, experience and wisdom! Wait until the world finds out that a woman invented a new operating system that can MEND with Music encodes and decodes!!! I am at your service with Versatile resources when you need it my friend! Never give up on your dreams…they are worth living…Marisela D’Baldriche, CEO/Producer, The Versatile Group of Hollywood, Inc.

  2. Dana

    So excited about this! In this technological world, where minds are easily distracted, Mardi-Ellen Hill leaves her audience wanting more. Mardi, you are to be commended for conducting a masterpiece!

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