Controlling her mother’s allegiance with the stroke of her hand ‘n heart…


140306Hillary & Chelsea3

Political prisoner Lily Barrington surfaces when her estranged inventor husband’s specs fall into dangerous hands. Here at last is the proof positive moment for invention, MEND™.

The operating system inventor Henry Barrington designs, actually works. The dangerous hands are those of Lily’s own DNA – a child she has no idea exists is able to unlock the family source code. That child is used to identify Lily and kick off new mobile technology.

Using the technology, a user’s personality traits, ID and performance capabilities can be quantified, measured; sent anywhere on the planet for printing and archiving as critical data and content.

Lily’s allegiance and loyalties have seconds to take a daring turn that will affect us all.

Creator/composer Mardi-Ellen Hill is the recipient of two NEA grants for a New American Work. Over the course of her career, Ms. Hill has acquired funding from top funders and international organizations. She credits her amazing team for uncovering the true voice of protagonist Lily Barrington,
The first book of a series, titled:  THE SKELETON SCORE, is more than a thriller fiction book. It introduces characters that govern a world of products and mobile technology. The book series, accompanying feature length script, music and blog kick off the thrilling, future operating system and software design MEND™ – music encode decode. The MEND™ design drives all the elements that link this multiplatform work.
Read on… we look forward to your comments! (To discover more about the Skeleton Score Book series, contact Mardi-Ellen Hill).

4 thoughts on “Controlling her mother’s allegiance with the stroke of her hand ‘n heart…

  1. I read an article recently in the NY Times Sunday Magazine that seems to reinforce what you are doing here. The article was about the SPEED I which the coding principle had taken root in Silicon Valley. What your CORE story brings to bear is how an operating system of a family biz is launched. The music idea ( MEND) is the ULTIMATE in the force field of “coding” and embedded information. You might be the first one with the “balls” to use the music idea as the (virtual) speedometer — of the global economy that we are all swimming in. You are bringing back the idea of the small town family business; indeed you set up the now 21st century business as global one, with manufacturing idea of “code” and a coded mechanism – of generational genetics, and go into the details of how that business reflects back to to the family’s original “village” arrangement of the transfer of sound – data that encodes itself as it circulates through a small town. This is like the ultimate Manchurian Candidate type power/dynamics, on the insider ranks, and a call to the global public to wake up to their own power. This is good stuff

  2. Dana Salzman

    This latest post gives the audience another opportunity to peel away the layers and get to the core of Mardi-Ellen Hill’s MEND universe. This is something mysterious and captivating. Can’t wait for what comes next!

  3. As usual, you continue to keep everyone on their toes with your amazing posts as they unfold. Truly you are a genius Mardi. You will see amazing light shining in your realm sooner than later. The world will come to understand this modern day nano invention as one that will MEND hidden secrets within us and the world at large…Cheers to you!!!

  4. Steven Infanti

    Another great post. This thing has so many applications beyond what you are doing here. As the common core becomes more popular I can see how what you have developed here at the backend could really help educators.

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