A crowd ignites the MEND™ protoype



A star with an important message for her public has just been murdered. Her inventor father has disappeared. The message was intended to give an all important access code to the public re-accessing her father’s thrilling new invention.

Surfacing – a new prototype. The blueprint is hidden inside this master book. Access to the new prototype operating system, is ignited through a diabolical story. A family’s secret and powerful genetic code is revealed as it reaches the 21st century.

A family’s age-old theme song unfolds the secret of how the prototype works.  A star sings. Her voice is unmatched in beauty. She is the object of desire of many. One killer in particular has it in for her. It is jealousy over her earning-power. Her tune spreads through an auditorium like wildfire. Member voices of her clan come awake as the tune sparks their joined memory. An event in history, shared by all hearing the tune, brings the pages of their book to life. The message she is parting with will be her last. She is about to die.

As soon as her family song is heard in raw form, your contract with the original family is sealed. You won’t want to miss this installment. Are you in the family now? You never know…

Oh C’mon. It’s free. No dough needed here. The price of admission to hear the star’s final message, is your soul on loan for the night. Don’t give it a second thought. Gottcha. Wherever you are in the world. You’re in!

A Legacy – a gift gone wild until a new invention harnesses a family’s diabolical power


four cities 4000 dimensions

A beautiful young star is killed. She is a threat to many. Without noticing it she has landed on the family gift. Her innate talent is off the charts. Lucky for us, the star leaves behind her hallmark melody and a documented handwritten musical score. Her family’s trademark seal of four notes appears within the score. For decades in her lifetime, and centuries prior to her birth, no one person or persons could decode the seal’s true meaning – nor its magical power to unfold a secret trading route around the globe.

Enter the new invention MEND™ – music encode decoding keypad that memorializes the star’s ancestry and opens out a hidden world to the public. The keypad is found within an elevator that has circulation world wide.

Embark on a thrilling voyage from idea to product. See how this family makes, stores and retrieves content…

MEND™ Characters Hit Pay Dirt…



Scaling up the nano form into a thrilling real life saga is just an elevator ride away…

MEND™ uses a new interactive story platform to bundle and unbundle content. Embedded in the platform is a new and efficient valuation table, that can be read anywhere on the globe in real time.

To read about the model, how it began and how it works, read the posts below. The elevator you see in the picture is getting ready for a trip around the world.

Treasures of MEND™ online


Treasures of Mend_flat

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Treasures of MEND™On-Line





Bundling Content using a new platform…


130918TwitterAn alphabet, a fictional dynasty with remarkable talents and history, a secret code…

The bargain: you must enter a fictional dynasty’s fight to get hold of a powerful communication system: MEND™.

Read further and join a fun blog of teasers. It will open your eyes to a whole new world of global power.

Meet the Melody Makers – follow this link for a guide to the key players in this Barrington Family Empire…

A new technology: MEND™ – it arrives via a thriller story


WHAT IS MEND™- music encode decode?

130901PostEveryone knows he or she owns a personalized signature, right? Whether it is your pen and ink extravaganza, your stylish gait, your tatoo message, your texting imprimatur, your vocal cache, your unique model for creating content, the arrival of your presence in a room – your signature in all its forms – rolls out a continuum that evolves throughout your life.

If you get this, you are on your way to understanding the technology of MEND™ and how it will allow you to harness vital aspects of the way you alone process data and broadcast data.

Every human who connects to the physical world is leaving footprints of an evolving signature.  Yours is a signature that proves ancestry, ownership, identity and more. Your signature holds critical data that spells out who you are, and what you are about.

Why is it called MEND™ – music encode decode?

The dimension of music provides a medium in which one’s signature and identity can be hidden, archived like a banking accounting system and revealed at any later time..

As humans who act from a thoroughly unconscious and automatic realm, we give each action, a particular value, often without realizing what that value is…

Spoiler Alert!

An inventor designs a mobile network based on the genetic signature of his family.  He uses two daughters to show how a music score they unwittingly create on a iPad, unlocks the destination of a hidden village.  Inside that village the remains of an ancestor are buried in a music puzzle.  Until the 21st century, deciphering the puzzle’s meaning was impossible.  Computers have changed all that for a yearning online crowd. MEND™ access is dependent upon the puzzle reveal – a key that connects all of the members of the family.  The access key gives the family tremendous communication power. It is time for all of us to have this power!

Fiction Meets Real Time

Rachel Barrington lands on a melody that opens the family’s private music dimension.

The inventor Henry Barrington and wife have been on the outs. Their debutante star daughter Rachel Barrington is suddenly murdered. Someone wants to make sure the puzzle remains buried and MEND™ is closed to the public.  Henry must find a way to get the attention of his wife, Lily. Both Henry and Lily may soon be held as prime suspects in the murder.  Timing is critical. The puzzle that gives access to the public is dependent on Lily’s access to the family history.  Lily will be shocked to learn many family secrets.

To get her attention, Henry sends her messages using the family melody – everything from TTYL to LOL and more can be sent using this melody.  Wherever she is on earth, Lily must be able to hear Henry’s passionate call in order for her to open the village puzzle found in the first book : THE SKELETON SCORE. (To discover more about the Skeleton Score Book series, contact Mardi-Ellen Hill).

Find out more by clicking on: MEET THE MELODY MAKERS.
And read on to contribute to the MEND™ blog!

A Transporter Room Lifts Off a Billion Year Secret


A Party scene in the book THE SKELETON SCORE reveals the power of a new technology MEND™ – musical-encode-decode.  Star, Rachel Barrington is stepping off the stage. Donned in her everyday clothes, she appears at a green room A-list event.  Rachel is at the top of her game. Her majestic voice instantly touches people. Hers is a voice so dazzling, anyone can feel as if she is an intimate lover.  Rachel comes from a family with top government secrets. A stylist friend slips into the room. She gets in without proper security.  Snap goes our iPhones and iPads. This very picture will be used as prime evidence in a murder that solves a billion year mystery.

Come aboard. The entrance of the family Matriarch is awaited by all. This is a sneak preview “By Invitation only, Rose Barrington event.”
To find out more about Rachel’s dynamic family and the who’s who – click on MEET THE MELODY MAKERS.

[To discover more about the Skeleton Score Book series, contact Mardi-Ellen Hill].

A world wide echo chamber circulates the tune and words of a STAR!


Teen superstar singer Rachel Barrington has written a prescription for her own suicide – murder.

Rae’s new spicy lyric is an aching letter to her current beloved. Four key words are embedded in the lyric. The memo tells of the existence of a family burial plot. The spot holds a secret to an amazing genetic link to our world.

As Rachel lays dying the media broadcasts the haunting tune and lyric. Reverb of the star’s words on air are so powerful, that eyes and ears are revving up all around the world.

Everyone is awakening, looking for the home base to Rachel’s bounty. Only her mother, Lily Barrington who shares the same bed of her daughter’s beloved can unlock the meaning to this memo, before it threatens to bring down an entire nation.

To get aboard open Chapter One of THE SKELETON SCORE and listen to the RAE’S THEME. A hot new technology MEND™is about to surface. MEND™ has a keyboard that will be used for personal USER toolbox interactive ACCESS. The public is coming aboard. Scroll down!

Paris to DC