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See and hear 15 blog posts and 15 corresponding scenes from my epic,  THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD.
Protagonist of the prequel book, Lily Barrington unlocks scenes to find a secret password to a location. It is a location that gives the blueprint to the new invention MEND™.
Scroll down to learn about the transforming tune that guides the universe into being, landing the Barrington clan in one spot.  The Barringtons are at war over the ownership of this spot and the MEND™ invention. A hostage situation has put a price on Lily’s knowledge.. The price is skyrocketing. She must remember her home and the odd puzzle she and her brother found there before her abductor does.  She has seconds to keep us alive…

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4 thoughts on “MEND™ Online Table of Contents

  1. Paris Cheffer

    This is more great reading and more about this amazing universe! This is one of those franchises that will appeal to kids and adults alike. Move over Hunger Games and Harry Potter!

  2. This is the online Table of Contents – this can be an investors dream. For sometime I have been telling you about Mend Universe – and today for the frst time you can actually go to the site and read up on how the puzzle works, and read up on the table of contents – from book to application; one for all ages. Mardi Ellen has worked for years on this, and when it is picked up I guarantee it will be one of the biggest hits – check out the site, and think about what is in front of you. Sincerely, Nancy

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