A dare to unlock a puzzle – a debt to be repaid by Midnight


A well known dynasty has a secret.  Fossilized evidence points to their original clan members, as first inhabitants on the earth.  Their 21st Century relatives still hold this secret of how the universe began.  The heirs of the original Barrington clan have skeletons that are different.  They are able to instantly hear, record, document and reproduce sound that travels long distances. And they can do it from anywhere in the world, at great speed, with grace and ease.  Sound on earth for the rest of us, is transformed into any life energy source with the dynasty’s secret heirarchy and character compass at one’s disposal.  But it is not without great pause that we should undertake their magic.

Only once in recorded history was their miracle of life, exposed.  A small child of the middle ages divulged their secret.  His was a voice of beauty and power, lighting up a complete town with his message of how his clan’s genetics works.  He was put to death and quartered.  The family voice was not to be heard from again, until the plot of where the body parts were buried, and their meaning in the town’s scheme of trade were understood. In the 19th century, a poem appeared. When it was decoded a terrifying message spread around the world as to the force of this child’s voice. Over centuries, the public wavered over their desire to be on the inside of this magic. Was it a blessing or a curse?  The puzzle would have to be laid bare for all to hear and see for that grisly question to be answered…

A brother and sister lost to each other across an ocean remember the lilting tune their mother sang. As the tune comes back to haunt them the dynasty character FACES fill in. Each one of them is a part of the master skeleton score. Scroll down!

6 thoughts on “A dare to unlock a puzzle – a debt to be repaid by Midnight

  1. Very captivating! This summary truly opens the mind of the reader and paints a clear and vivid picture of the setting. I also love how it connects a bit of history, mystery and science to grab the reader’s attention and keep us hooked! Awesome!

  2. Amanda Donnellan

    Mardi, you continue to amaze, intrigue and entertain me! Your story and its media permeates every aspect and level of culture!

  3. candacevasquez

    just start getting into the story line and I’m already being taken in. Can’t wait to read the rest

  4. Vicki Brochu Turgeon

    Simply intriguing! Goosebumps accompany each new discovery, and the mind is amazed that the story deepens still. Fully expecting this to sprout wings and soar!

  5. monica hoyt

    What a magical imagination Mardi has! The invitation is ours. Take it and be surprised and mesmerized.

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