The Greatest Mystery Ever Told… Origin of Human Life Unlocked… Advance Buzz… Big Stakes Ahead…


MEND™A dynasty has a secret. One of their own members is about to betray them. Competition over the new user based invention, MEND™ is coming to the planet. The invention reveals the powerful secret of this dynasty.

These chosen characters are connected to each other in perpetuity. Embedded in an epic narrative are 12 snapshot scenes. Strung together the scenes disclose a message. It tells of the origins and force of their interactive power. You will be guided through the first book, THE SKELETON SCORE, by the protagonist Lily Barrington.

BEGIN by reading the Story Tagline – THE WINNING HAND  and then… 

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3 thoughts on “The Greatest Mystery Ever Told… Origin of Human Life Unlocked… Advance Buzz… Big Stakes Ahead…

  1. Phil hogue

    I think that this format has the potential to be a great movie like the Divinci code.There is great potential for various multi-media interpretations where the melody could be rewritten as a player or reader moves through the story or chooses a different set of character traits, musical keys, situations and creates a whole different story when they read it/ play it.

    good luck,

  2. Dana

    Brava Mardi! Your story is a true work of art and I am thrilled to be along for the ride on this inspirational journey. It is fun and entertaining and makes my mind yearn for more! I look forward to continuing on in this adventure with you.
    Dana S.

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