Jan 20, 2012: Live Interview | “Page Turners” with Hosts Meg Collins and Nancy Denofio | 8:00 EST


Page Turners with Hosts Meg Collins and Nancy Duci Denofio 01_20 by Red River Radio | Blog Talk RadioMardi-Ellen Hill will be interviewed on “Page Turners” with Hosts Meg Collins and Nancy Denofio by Red River Radio, Friday 20 Jan 2012, at approximately 8:10pm EST. (The program starts at 8:00pm)

LINK: Listen Here


2 thoughts on “Jan 20, 2012: Live Interview | “Page Turners” with Hosts Meg Collins and Nancy Denofio | 8:00 EST

  1. Hi Everyone –

    What Mardi Ellen is doing with her app is not only fun, but educational regarding so many fields of study. She gives you the characters, story, and clues, along with the music which is extremely important when it comes to her work. You will have the opportunity to change the story, characters, music, along the way. This is so unique, and one app you won’t mind sharing with the entire family, classroom, and friends.
    I can’t believe the mind – of Mardi Ellen – to work from the left side and to the right side, as we know the creative part of us is usually the right side, and the left side comes the intricate detail and figures, planning, etc. But Mardi, with all her brilliance has combined her thought process, creating of of the first of its kind app.
    Please take some time and read what she has to say on her blog.
    It was a pleasure getting to know Mardi, having the opportunity to talk with her before the show, understanding the app, listening to the planned process, as I tried to use both sides of my own brain. Just thinking about it is difficult, all of you must experience it for yourself.
    Sincerely, and Hugs to you Mardi, Nancy (Denofio)

  2. Ace Here!
    Hey just wanted to say it was a pleasure interviewing you tonight on Page Turners be sure as I said on the air to connect with me on facebook and let’s get you on my show The Ahauldri Show for a one-on-one exclusive video interview!

    All the best,
    Anastacia “Ace” Hauldridge

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