Message for 2012! Welcome to a radical new cross-media global entertainment phenomenon


MEH Multimedia is a groundbreaking enterprise, targeted to the expanding global demand for cross media entertainment. MEH has arms and legs into the world of pioneering education and frontiers of neuroscience. Our core business, is the marketing and the sale of the epic adventure mystery tale of the ruthless and charismatic members of the Barrington family as they traverse human history in their quest to discover and control a hidden child, who unconsciously manipulates all of mankind’s future, through a secret DNA code of music, language and time.

Unfolding knowledge about the skills and origins of this wunderkind child, provides the point of access to the family’s conflict over a 21st century invention, MEND™. MEND™ or musical encode decode is real-time usable technology that the public will use to interact with the unfolding storyline.  MEND™ has all the components that mirror the gifts and the internal game design wielded by the Barrington family members.

The saga will roll out strategically through projects in traditional and new media formats. The initial stage, is the publication of the first book, THE SKELETON SCORE. It is the opening book of a five book series, that will be available to an international market.

What makes the world of MEND™ unique?  A concept of destiny as a series of intricate geographically linked musical clues emanating from a mysterious source; the world of MEND™ grasps music as a universal form of storytelling that is multi-layered, yet accessible to the broadest consumer base. MEND™ launches a new genre of marketable entertainment where delving into the essence and depths of humanity becomes dangerous, desirable and thrilling.

We seek to cause an industry breakthrough in the intellectual breath of creative content and technological wizardry of entertainment properties, radically expanding the expectations and demands of a savvy new consumer audience!

Welcome readers, players, users and listeners world-wide as we set a new stage and interactive standard for 2012!

PS: Did you listen to the Live Interview of Mardi-Ellen Hill with June Stoyer… now archived and available to listen here!

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