Pathways to Narration


Introducing the invention MEND™ – musical encode decode and a series of books that takes the reader/user through the origins of the invention and its capabilities.

Welcome to my blog!  As creator and founder of a new platform, I invite all to come aboard.

Delve into a new and exciting world. Suspend your disbelief !

Imagine that an almost inaudible music signal, a single vibration, could ignite the known universe we humans inhabit.

My fictional narrative, a thriller, a mystery, is a tale about a genetic secret that passes on generation after generation in a powerful dynasty. The story’s reveal brings us to the cusp of real time proven science. It is the search and discovery of an inventor’s diabolical need to unleash a powerful tool to the public.

The inventor’s wife, the protagonist, finds herself caught in her husband’s mission.  She faces the test of her life as she uncovers the origins and powers of the family secret. The prequel book: THE SKELETON SCORE, allows readers and users to interact with the developing story as they read. As the episodes of the narrative emerge, different apps will be available to the public as they take part in the first live moments of the new invention MENDtm – musical encode decode!

One thought on “Pathways to Narration

  1. J. Matison

    MENDtm may be the most inventive and dynamic creation to arrive on the scene in decades. Those fortunate individuals who journey through its challenging layers of mystery and mayhem will come away with throbbing hearts and pulsing brains. MEND’stm high-end entertainment value paired seamlessly with the intellectual pursuits of science, math, art, and music deliver an unforgettable voyage for anyone seeking a higher level of challenge and discovery.

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