29 Dec 2011 | 4:00pm EST | Live interview | Mardi-Ellen Hill with June Stoyer | BlogTalkRadio | “The World of MEND”

Mardi-Ellen HillMardi-Ellen Hill talks with June Stoyer/The Organic View
 December 29, 2011 at 4 EST.

“The world is changing. However, this change has not simply come about overnight. As human beings interact with one another, there is almost a story that can be created by the events that have occured throughout one’s life as well as new discoveries about the world.

Mend is not just a game but rather a very unique experience that really requires a combination of intellect, education, understanding of how we are all connected and a true appreciation for how music can deeply affect our state of being. What Mardi-Ellen has created is extremely sophisticated and simply blows the likes of Harry Potter out of the water. Anyone who truly appreciates the Masters will see this right away. Given the fact that Mardi-Ellen is not just an opera singer or musician but is also a composer, she is able to completely grasp the impact that music can make. Sound is something nature utilizes all the time. However, it is not something many people really understand regardless of how much appreciation or knowledge they may possess. Quite brilliantly, Mardi-Ellen incorporates this key element into the game which renders this to be something that even Aldous Huxley would thoroughly have enjoyed. Mend is not for the simple minded as it provides intellectual stimulation that has been missing from modern day society for ages. If you really wish to be ‘enlightened’ and get a taste of what the real world is about, roll your sleeves up, turn your tv off and get ready for the ride of your life!

June StoyerIn this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer will talk to the award winning and talented Mardi-Ellen Hill about her life’s work creating Mend.”

(Thanks to June Stoyer for this introduction…)

3 thoughts on “29 Dec 2011 | 4:00pm EST | Live interview | Mardi-Ellen Hill with June Stoyer | BlogTalkRadio | “The World of MEND”

  1. Joe

    Wow! Where can I find this musical/book/game/new technology. I love the piano playing but I am very confused. My signature wants this to be made available now! When do the books come out? And the rest of the franchise? Where will they be made available? Am I playing the game right now?

  2. Kat McWilliams

    Fantastic, this is great….what a fascinating story everyone should get involved in and follow….

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