The Miracle of Invention



Please take your seats in the global auditorum — get ready for a thriller launch into the future where you will find a new and fun power tool!

Lily Barrington, musicologist and lawyer, is in Washington D.C to do research on her husband’s famous family. A news broadcast suddenly announces the murder of their daughter, pop star Rachel Barrington. Rachel and Lily have been fighting and now Lily is a suspect in her daughter’s murder! Rachel leaves behind a music score that stops just short of revealing a key that activates her father’s new invention MEND™ (Musical ENcode-Decode). Lily is unaware she has been sent by her family to unlock the meaning of this ancient music score that could empower humanity or destroy it. Her journey into the mystery of the Barringtons; how they began and how they control the universe, becomes both her burden and her amazing inheritance…

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