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The fight for insider MEND™ product status

An inventor’s genetic destiny sparks a global threat – will you come aboard to join in the diabolical fun? - The amazing world of MEND™ has a book series, film script, games, music, a blog and numerous other products for online and off-line content and immersive space interactivity. A simple lullaby tune morphs/ evolves over centuries. The song has supernatural powers. This family tune can be used miraculously to unlock signature content. The characters born…
Quartet For The End of Time… - A story of a thrilling and dangerous new technology comes to life in the hands of four people. They have entered a room where the power of an age-old dynasty is located. Within the boundaries of this room, the dynasty’s trade secrets can instantly be transmitted to portals around the world. An inventor with a…
Interview with Mardi-Ellen Hill: 930AM WPAT – Multicultural Radio - Mardi-Ellen Hill was interviewed by Diandra Archibald in New York City in mid June 2013 [9:00]. Listen and read on – you will discover amazing secrets to this new cross-media work.
Our Globe, A Puzzle Enfolded In One Frame - THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD is an epic saga. The prequel book: THE SKELETON SCORE reveals the powers of an ancient dynasty. In the middle ages a crime takes place. A child discloses a family secret. He is quartered and buried at a certain time of day. The parts of the body form a puzzle, a prophesy…
MEND™Elevator01_4loop The Barringtons , their divine power withstands corruption…. a story about a hidden gift and a new real deal technology! - A Scrambled Message travels by elevator, floor by floor, a four syllable message unfolds in different scenes and cities, until it lands as a full sentence in a hidden destination in Washington D.C  Access code to the new technology MEND™, unlocks the ancestral secrets of a powerful dynasty. Learning the dynasty’s gift of narration, transmission of message, and high powered performance is a shoe-in for the public with this App demo!…
Sneak Preview… MEND™ tablet apps coming soon! - Check out our App sneak preview! The Keyboard uncovers an old french village and a hidden code – the memo posesses a 21st century celeb. A brazen lyric she writes, uncovers the meaning of the memo and gets her killed – we get inside a dynasty’s madness and power! Be sure to go the ‘Flagship store’…

Copyright © 2014 Mardi-Ellen Hill

WSJ-graphic_2I am thrilled to announce I have been invited to join The Wall Street Journal’s “Women of Note” network. Thank you to everyone who got me on the WSJ’s hot list.

The welcome letter I received included the following:

“…You have been nominated for Women of Note, an exclusive network of powerful female leaders from The Wall Street Journal’s advertising and marketing division designed to recognize and foster the continued success of innovative women. Members will receive special gifts and invitations to exclusive events, as well as recognition in the promotional pages of The Wall Street Journal and WSJ. Magazine.” Mardi-Ellen Hill

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