Our Globe, A Puzzle Enfolded In One Frame


THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD is an epic saga. The prequel book: THE SKELETON SCORE reveals the powers of an ancient dynasty. In the middle ages a crime takes place. A child discloses a family secret. He is quartered and buried at a certain time of day. The parts of the body form a puzzle, a prophesy embedded in the soil of the village of Vaugirard. The body takes shape and the prophesy can be read ONLY when the sun is at a certain angle.

The prophesy surrounds a 21st century technology, MEND™ – musical encode decode. MEND™ can unlock this city’s secrets, and shows us how the earth works a global conversation out of a hidden route in one powerful city.

This child, in this frame is a direct descendant of the child quieted for telling a tale of a family’s global work force. Will she be quieted too?!

Her diary, contains a hotbed of sexy human entanglements. Odette has been groomed from birth to recognize a melody that follows the interior path of the city walls. She has fallen on the sound of a strange new voice. It opens the city gates, igniting MEND™’s volatile public access.

Without the diary of Odette Rae, we will never learn the origin of this dynasty power and how to use MEND™! What are the odds for her survival?

To help you understand how this dynasty works to keep their magic as global insiders, click on chapter one of the prequel book THE SKELETON SCORE. You can also click on the dynasty’s game play: MEET THE MELODY MAKERS

3 thoughts on “Our Globe, A Puzzle Enfolded In One Frame

  1. billbodonavich

    Mardi Hill hits a home run once again.
    This epic saga would make for an award winning television two-hour three-night miniseries.
    Once you are under “The Spell of the Vaugirard”, there is no turning back.
    This tale will pull you in to a story most would not attempt, with the twist and turns that only a world-class author, Mardi Hill, could weave.

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