A superstar is killed for the secret to her amazing talent


Enter a new integrated multiplatform system: MEND™, a technology introduced through a powerful story

Rachel Barrington’s final concert is jam packed. Word on the street is that the superstar is under surveillance, a pawn in a familial dispute. Her inventor father and her lover are at odds. This is a volatile combination, since they both are working on a top secret experiment surrounding the DNA of Rachel’s ancestors. The suspect list is narrow, kept tightly under wraps. The family is about to engage in a sport that most of us have never dreamed of.

Upon her passing, an acoustic trick known only to her immediate family, allows them to piece together musical clues that she has left behind; and interpret the clues for their own private enterprise. Within seconds of her death, an international fight breaks out over the family’s right to withhold valuable data that could change the direction of human kind.

As the fight heats up, a traitor in the family surfaces. Who murdered Rachel? The murder itself becomes almost inconsequential to the larger picture unfolding on the global stage. A sudden explosion emanating from the inventor’s office is streaming undecipherable data across the sky. All eyes , iPhones, handhelds are glued to the stark moment. The night sky is bright like the day. Meanwhile the resounding echo of Rachel’s song has landed in the ears of a child about to unlock the dangerous colliding pathway. Here comes the split second access for us to come aboard. You won’t want to miss this once in a lifetime access.

3 thoughts on “A superstar is killed for the secret to her amazing talent

  1. Mardi-Ellen, mind blowing, enter-tain-me(a)nt at its prime, imbued with a piquaresque, mordant seasoning of contemporary science-curiosity and tecnno-effects. Riveting, I’d love to see this opera staged as a pilot for the people of the New York metro community, at Whitebox Art Center, hopefully, directed by the unique fresh talent, R. B. Schlather, presently directing Handel’s Opera Alcina. Today last run live web stream via USTREAM. http://www.whiteboxny.org
    Keep it up, Mardi!
    Juan, Founder Whitebox Art Center

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