Press Release: Violinist Harnesses power to secure new global OS



Press Release: New York, NY – February 12, 2015

Groundbreaking in the world of business synergy and integration, composer and executive producer Mardi-Ellen Hill presents The Universe of MEND™ – an epic adventure tale of a family Dynasty caught in a global battle for power, inheritance and an unstable new quantum technology used to encode and decode information and comes to life through a musical locking mechanism.

A Composers Now 2015 Festival featured event, presented by the New York Association of Realty Managers (NYARM), the first-ever live public presentation is set for Thursday, February 19, 2015, at noon.

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STOP. WATCH. LISTEN. TRANSFORM will introduce audiences to The Universe of MEND™ beyond the existing original score, stage-play, book / script, blog and portfolio of assets.

On the ground floor Society Library Pavilion at The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen, 20 West 44th Street. Manhattan, NY – STOP. WATCH. LISTEN. TRANSFORM will feature violinist Marissa Licata playing a live excerpt of the original score in choreography with visual scenes that will transport the audience into the digital mainframe of this new technology, blurring the lines of perception between fiction and reality.

Following the live performance will feature executive producer Mardi-Ellen Hill and her team of cross industry (Music, Technology, Film, Performance and Science) experts – Rosaline Murphy (moderator), John Kiehl, Jose Martinez, Paris Cheffer, Peter Lurie and Davie R. Iannone Jr. in a panel discussion around the storyline and theoretical implications raised by The Universe of MEND™. The event will close with an open audience Q&A, followed by a networking reception.

This event is open to media with RSVP and public for a suggested donation. Please contact Mardi-Ellen Hill for press RSVPs, questions or interview opportunities – / 212-470-7119.

About Composers Now

The Composers Now Festival celebrates living composers, the diversity of their voices and the significance of their musical contributions to our society.
During the month of February, the Festival brings together dozens of performances presented by venues, ensembles, orchestras, opera companies, dance companies and many other innovative events throughout New York City. Composers will be in attendance at all events, interacting with audiences. Composers Now is a project partner of The Fund for the City of New York. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the ASCAP Foundation, the BMI Foundation, the Cheswatyr Foundation, the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

MarissaLicataAbout Marissa Licata

Boston and New York based, Honduran American violinist, Marissa Licata, is a star powerhouse soloist. Her electrifying passion and vibrant presence have been featured on international and world-renowned stages. With over 15 years of classical violin training, and her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the New England Conservatory, Marissa proved her natural versatility on her very first audition for Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull – winning the lead violin spot on his 2006 US tour. She would go on to join Jethro Tull for 5 more international tour, , as well as collaborations with many more musical icons cross genres, ranging from R&B, Pop, to Latin and Eastern European World music.

About Mardi-Ellen Hill

Executive Producer, composer, inventor – Mardi-Ellen Hill was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as a member of its 2014 ‘Women of Note Network’. Recently, she was featured on panels of expert at two major symposiums held by NYARM at the hotel Penn and Tavern On The Green, and featured in an article published in the Mann Report’s February, 2015 issue. Mardi-Ellen Hill is the CEO/Founder of MEH Multimedia and inventor of MEND™ technology and multimedia assets.

In 2002, Mardi-Ellen Hill was the recipient of an ASCAP award in for her work as a pioneer in the world of music invention and application in multiple markets. In 2000, as a professor at LIU, Ms. Hill was selected to represent the University in Washington D.C., at the definitive educational/literacy conference on “Intellectual Property and Distance Learning”, sponsored by the PEW Charitable Trust. She also developed/executive produced a Leadership Symposium where she introduced Kenneth K. Fisher, Brooklyn Representative to the New York City Council, as the keynote speaker. In 1995, Banque Nationale de Paris tapped her technical talents as business analyst by sending her to review and oversee their systems dissemination at the International Monetary Fund Conference in Washington, D.C.

During the 90’s Ms. Hill received numerous other grants and awards as composer/writer, including two awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Annette Kade Fulbright Grant, Works in Process at the Guggenheim Series, She received several international commissions, including being the first woman commissioned by the Group Musiques de Vivantes in Lyon France, the French Consulate, the Canadian Consulate General and the Royal Bank of Canada. She has served as judge and panelist of several international competitions, and state and federal arts programs, including the Brooklyn Arts Council.

A wunderkind’s internal GPS lines her family’s pockets with gold



Rae’s Theme:

Is this amazing capability a weapon, or the future of humankind’s salvation?

Graffiti. Not American. This kid is spelling out the hidden GPS route of a melody chiming through the city.  High noon. Her father, a Hedge Fund wiz figures it’s a slam dunk. He’s hidden in the shadows, sending a message over his mobile to his assistant in the States. What reigns in nano form will become a scripted global execution.

The strange tune (play above) is his family’s ancestral melody. A Brand source code encrypted in the tune, will launch a virtual elevator. The lift is primed to deliver product through a digital library that encrypts all data using the family’s latest invention MEND™. But the family, spread out across the globe, is in a merciless fight over the ownership of MEND™.

Something goes terribly wrong. In a global setting the tune has a mind of its own. Scroll down for the story of how this powerful dynasty brings hidden knowledge to earth in the 21st century. If only we can get aboard their magic, before they destroy their ancestral gift…?

A superstar is killed for the secret to her amazing talent


Enter a new integrated multiplatform system: MEND™, a technology introduced through a powerful story

Rachel Barrington’s final concert is jam packed. Word on the street is that the superstar is under surveillance, a pawn in a familial dispute. Her inventor father and her lover are at odds. This is a volatile combination, since they both are working on a top secret experiment surrounding the DNA of Rachel’s ancestors. The suspect list is narrow, kept tightly under wraps. The family is about to engage in a sport that most of us have never dreamed of.

Upon her passing, an acoustic trick known only to her immediate family, allows them to piece together musical clues that she has left behind; and interpret the clues for their own private enterprise. Within seconds of her death, an international fight breaks out over the family’s right to withhold valuable data that could change the direction of human kind.

As the fight heats up, a traitor in the family surfaces. Who murdered Rachel? The murder itself becomes almost inconsequential to the larger picture unfolding on the global stage. A sudden explosion emanating from the inventor’s office is streaming undecipherable data across the sky. All eyes , iPhones, handhelds are glued to the stark moment. The night sky is bright like the day. Meanwhile the resounding echo of Rachel’s song has landed in the ears of a child about to unlock the dangerous colliding pathway. Here comes the split second access for us to come aboard. You won’t want to miss this once in a lifetime access.