Superstition meets modern science when a woman with a haunted past becomes the subject of a genetics experiment using her DNA.

Two children write a melody with an encrypted message only she can decode. The message holds sensitive familial information being sold to the US government by her lover who has the goods on her well known family, and bigger targets waiting on his killer radar.

The psycho thriller tells the story of three generations of a family in a fight to retain their power, when a new invention MEND™ (Music | ENcode | Decode) outs their interstellar secret to their singular force and influence in the cosmos.

For more information about MEND™ Platform licensing, sales and speaking engagements, contact Mardi-Ellen Hill.

6 thoughts on “MEND™ Story One | TRICK PALACE


    Mardi I’m from Monterrey México, I had the honor to meet you at NYC I’m just starting now to read the story and can’t wait to advance on it and see it soon at TV or as a movie….seems wonderful, innovating, intelligent…you are such a wonderful person!!! Be sure I’ll spread the thriller and the story at least at my born city Monterrey México…regards!!!

  2. alexis

    MEND is a once in a generation story- the technological ages’ lord of the rings, filled with mystery and compelling interwoven plotlines!

  3. alexis

    MEND is amazing and such a beautiful timeless tale of complexity and intelligence! two thumbs up for this psychological thriller!

  4. MH

    This is Mardi’s lifetime work that touches on so many themes current to our society today. With her musician’s background and lateral creativity , she has developed a story that can easily been translated across multimedia platforms.

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