New Comment(s) about MEND™



“I love love love the concept of this novel and so excited to see it come to life! I am looking forward to seeing this incredible story continue to unfold. The mix of music and technology is purely genius!” (Lindsay J Puchall)


“Mardi Ellen Hill’s Mend is such a f***Ing brilliant idea. I cannot wait to see the magic of this journey unfold. Thank you for sharing your life’s work of creativity, it is truly epic. NEVER stop creating, it is the greatest rebellion of our existence.”
(Kyndera Keithley)
“A very great and positive person. Happy that I’ve met her and we shared our experiences. A very open minded lady and helpful to the new generation.” (ZakariaA)


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6 thoughts on “New Comment(s) about MEND™

  1. This has to be one of the broadest, most intentional sci-fi universes I’ve ever come across. The scope of it, the detail, and the intertextuality boggle the mind — and yet, even as it poses some of the biggest and most basic questions in life, it manages to touch the experiencer in such an intimate place. I’m beyond excited to see how the MEND Universe evolves moving forward!

  2. edinaabuqattam

    I’ve been reeled into this universe already. Technology, science, and music have yet to be put together, but here they are in Ms.Hill’s world of MEND. I cannot wait for this to come to life, it’s going to reach across audiences and keep us on our toes lined up at book stores and movie theaters. We want MEND!!

  3. Michael Katz

    MEND is a truly unique idea and one that pushes the boundaries of how we interact with stories. I can’t wait to see what MEND has in store in the future!

  4. This is the story we’ve been waiting to experience. MEND Universe series has intriguing plots that use the power of song to change, create, control and even corrupt. Mardi-Ellen has created a series that has it all, mystery, science, family ties and music interwoven to spellbind and entertain. Brava!

  5. Kathleen A. Wolf

    Brava Ms.Hill!
    This opening is intriguing to say the least. Rachel is “the subject of an elaborate genetic experiment.”
    She has been murdered but could possibly come back to life thru her very own composition.
    We are being told the beginning of a spellbinding story of Lily’s and Rachel’s lives. CAPTIVATING!

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