Sneak Peek: Enter Lily Barrington – a strange and most unlikely protagonist…


Extract from:
The Companion Book from the Universe of MEND™ – The Skeleton Score, Prologue II

“…Possessed. The pilot is overcome. Clearly his mind is not functioning properly.

Short circuiting perhaps for an instant, that was it – too simple an explanation. His husky voice is running rampant in an inaccessible language. Seems he is trying to tell the entire universe something. His sound dances in the sky, throwing passengers to all sides of the plane. Wailing with superhuman strength, his message somehow possesses all of us.

What nut locks himself in on a short flight? And what of the co-pilot? No word from him. This odd woman, Lily, our heroine, talks the guy back to his senses. She claims it is her daughter’s new hit. Two tickets to Rachel Barrington’s opening NYC première will seal the deal.

Suddenly, the plane is back on course. Lily Barrington shivers at the bargain she makes. She must find the source of this deadly craze. A star’s hit song ascending could not mean death for all these passengers, or could it? Lily recognizes the key the pilot is reaching for – one that will expand the interstellar universe at a speed that would overtake any plane, and put the earth and all its inhabitants at great risk.

Wearing a frozen smile, the flight attendant slips Lily’s note to the pilot. Immediate silence. Everyone returns to their assigned seats. Chaos quells. Eyes close. Three minutes to D.C.; all souls fall asleep. A deep heart thumping slumber of relief encompasses us.

The plane lands safely at the gate. Everyone disperses. No one will remember the strange interlude pulsing through the limbs of our bodies until we all meet again. It is the price of Lily’s bargain.”

FAST FORWARD to posts describing the Universe of MEND™ – its mind-blowing capabilities for all.

6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Enter Lily Barrington – a strange and most unlikely protagonist…

  1. Christy Stewart

    Smart and completely connected to current day issues regarding technolgy, privacy and the security of the internet.

  2. Mardi-Ellen Hill has accomplished the near impossible. She shows us a mind-bending technology through the lives of a fascinating family whose history is intertwined and tied to our past and our future. It is an amazing story that fits together like a Chinese puzzle ball. While the story uncovers the families past it has ramifications for all our futures. This is the type of work that comes along maybe once in a decade and will have ramifications for decades to come.

  3. Isabelle Dabrowski

    Such great work! I am eager to show this to all of my friends and I think the concept is amazing. It’s meant to be for every age group which is something I like. Continue the great work!

  4. Sophia Katz

    Wow. Can’t wait to learn more. MEND continues to surprise me and I know this story appeals to so many people like myself. It will be the next Harry Potter or Pokémon go but with more suspense and action!

  5. The brilliance of MEND continues to amaze. The concept is unique, thought-provoking and contemporary. This is the quality of work that discriminating fans are searching for. I am anxious to enter the MEND Universe as soon as possible!

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