Election Day News Flash. Broadcast from Federal Plaza, NYC


Rachel Barrington, 18, a pop star with signature access to highly classified USA intelligence is MIA.

Introducing Book One.  Prologue One: The Skeleton Score. From:The Universe of MEND™.

“Hey, dude, how much you think a night banging the hottest pop star on the air is worth?”

“Heard from the guys there is killer fighting going on in the family. Big sell-off. Word on the street, nothing short of a miracle’s going to save those losers. That star, she’s the last hope for this clan, sure she knows her individual worth. But get out from under?! Never. Her time might be up?!”

“Yeah, a famous name like Rachel Barrington, granddaughter of one of the most renowned voices in the world. How could she tour the globe, without that entire clan and fans hunting her down?”

All over the net are promos for her next show in New York. Great bait. Someone’s rolling over on the fam using her megaphone voice as the perfect source. Rachel Barrington, flagship name heralding the Barrington power? Not their real name anyway. If she’s on the planet and live, she’s the rabbit hole habit fed to the press.”

“Nah, too many trade secret leaks, sensitive government contracts, with Presidential year ass-kissing liability. Hell, I’m wagering that sweet looking chick is in big trouble. That hit tune of hers gets me in the loins. Some say she didn’t write it herself. Who cares? Spooked through my big ones. Love to get inside her. Can’t help thinkin’ the girl’s already dead or on her way to eternity.”

© Mardi-Ellen Hill 2015/16.    All rights reserved.

One thought on “Election Day News Flash. Broadcast from Federal Plaza, NYC

  1. Mardi never ceases to amaze with her ability to share this amazing technology and narrative! This story is more compelling and intelligent than this year’s election and every bit as important for the future of our country.

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