What is MEND™?


DollAnimation_iPod_m4v_01_300dpiMEND™ or music-encode-decode is a private messaging system discovered and used by the cast of characters in the thriller epic, THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD. It’s value to the character’s survival on the planet, is the source of intense rivalry. MEND™ has a time capsule devil’s bargain to it that only the story protagonist can control.

Readers and visitors who want to use MEND™ must enter by way of the first book THE SKELETON SCORE. The book is an exciting new adult adventure. It is also an educating manual – grooming users in the navigation and use of this dynamic new power and operating system. Unlocking secrets with the protagonist, Readers/Users will be able to carry the messaging system into their personal worlds.  They will be able to build their own content space using MEND™ access and story icons.

Here are several story scenes that show how several generations of a dynasty vie for knowlege of MEND™! While reading, you will be learning the character’s amazing skills and trade!
Remember it is time sensitive. MEND™ builds environment. The source of this divine power is at risk.

Get aboard now.

Universe of MEND™ - Start HereSee the MEND™ Dashboard

2 thoughts on “What is MEND™?

  1. This notion of music being at the core – the driving force behind charachter movements, the orchestration of life’s journey itself is fantastic.

    Whether it is the beating of the heart, the ticking of a watch or the resonance of the earth, sound/ measured vibration is the medium by which we calibrate. MEND’s is organic and it is the plasticity that allures and enraptures.

    Such an exciting venture — can’t wait for the full experience in real time !

  2. Hayley Hovatter Johnson

    I like the new description of MEND. I am only looking at this, have not looked at USB yet. Im on a deadline with something. Hayley Hovatter Johnson USN Female Veteran Former Military Police


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