MEND™ – Streams Data into Instant Content

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Here’s a slice of life in the day of the STAR, Rachel Barrington.

In the fictional saga, THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD, the dynamic new user based technology, MEND™ emerges in the first book: THE SKELETON SCORE.  Rachel has just gotten off the stage. At her all-night celebration party, she dishes to her stylist about a fun iPad game she has been playing with a young child in Paris. It seems Rachel’s new song is a product of a back and forth conversation with this young child. Rachel though, has claimed the song as her own. [To discover more about the Skeleton Score Book series, contact Mardi-Ellen Hill].

Unfortunately Rachel is about to makes her way home for the last time.  Her stylist, sent to disrupt Rachel’s success, has just found the unfinished MEND™ board. She is rounding up the killer who will find Rachel’s score and input the access code that everyone has been waiting for… except there will be one problem…

Find out more about the Barrington dynasty and the fight to control MEND™ by clicking on MEET THE MELODY MAKERS.

6 thoughts on “MEND™ – Streams Data into Instant Content

  1. The evolution of MEND brings one’s senses right along.
    Mystery of knowledge being unlocked, through The Barrington Family, keeps us all memorized by it’s story.
    This story plunges deep into the recesses of our souls knowing it is only a note away.
    Very much await your next release Mardi Ellen.

  2. Dana Salzman

    This latest tease to this incredible project keeps me wanting more! This reading ignites the mind and I am eager to discover the next phase of this wonderful journey.

  3. I love the background to all of the pieces of the story. This is really what brings something to life. In real life we are never where we are because we alone brought ourselves to this moment. It is an intricate web that involves more pieces than we can fathom.

    I look forward to reading the whole story!

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