MEND™ Propulsion and the money note

Charles, Jack & Henry

Jack, Henry & Charles

Three men steeped in a dynasty fight over the new invention, MEND™ musical encode decode come together for a fun-lovin’ party moment of thrill and excitement.  In a matter of seconds, the inventor Henry Barrington’s office explodes.  His star daughter Rachel is on her way home.

One of these men, a programmer, is in a fight with her father. He’s been dating Rachel. Soon he will be right behind her. He wants her to sing four particular notes that will ignite the access code to the MEND™ keypad.  He doesn’t believe that she does not know what they are. Out of rage he ends her young life.

The saga THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD tells the story of Rachel’s amazing vocal ancestry and the secret village of Vaugirard where a map exists with the incredible acoustic markings of her signature family voice.  The corporate family voice has a trading scheme that works the globe. Now that Rachel is dead, the route is inaccessible until a new portal access is found…

Click on the prequel book THE SKELETON SCORE. Find out how the map works!  Lily Barrington wife of the inventor will show you how you can get MEND™ tools that propel you through the dynasty world. See how the Barrington clan stores their data using MEND™ memory. With Rachel gone, the next child in line will surface to tell her part of the saga.  Once inside this magic, the Barringtons will possess you forever…
[To discover more about the Skeleton Score Book series, contact Mardi-Ellen Hill].

7 thoughts on “MEND™ Propulsion and the money note

  1. Aida

    Wow Mardi. You really know how to grab the readers attention! I felt like I was thrown in directly into the scene where Rachel was taken her life away (horrible things can happen when some people can’t controll themselves or their actions..). It is easy to understand the story because at the beginning of every post you write a short backround story before you write about a special scene. And once again, storytelling is really your thing! 😀

  2. This story just gets better and better. Between the writing, the music, and technology this new innovation takes the reader through a tale that is not only surreal, but gripping as well. The novel is well-researched, well-written and suspenseful. I can’t wait for next installment.

  3. Dimitry Mendeleev

    Mardi, The blog entry of the tenth is really engaging. If I were a younger man, it would make me want to get engaged. For now, I’ll joyfully settle for the opportunity to comMEND you for a job well done! Best, Bruce P

  4. Mardi Ellen – Your moment in history has arrived.
    This is such an extraordinary journey into the realm of greatness.
    Always say there is a time and place for everything, your time and place is now to aspire to the top of your career as a writer.
    The Saga of “MEND” has captured the hearts and minds of a new generation set on the brink of technological advances never before seen by man. This story transcends time and imagination.
    My standing ovation to you Mardi Ellen.

  5. Mardi, again you bring forth a fascinating twist to the story that will ultimately reveal the power of MEND to a global market. The blog is truly a remarkable forum for exposing your creative attributes. Verily I say that your work is to be commended on all levels. You are a shining star and the world needs MEND sooner than later. Never give up creating…you are brilliant. I have no doubt that your success will exceed all expectations. The world needs more people like you! Bless your works!

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