Infrared Carpet Anyone?

Matriarch & granddaughter

Rachel & Rose on the red carpet

Together these women, Matriarch and granddaughter Rachel Barringon hold a secret about the dangerous power of a dynasty. A child hidden overseas has their fate in her hands.  The SPELL OF VAUGIRARD is an epic tale about an ancient family with magnificent talent, a talent so grand it rips the family apart in the 21st century.

Click on the prequel book THE SKELETON SCORE to glimpse into the lives of these players. Their momentary misfortune turns into our fortune –as we make use of a new technology MEND™ – musical encode decode. MEND™ is a tool for the 21st century –a keypad that will be used in a virtual elevator, an iPhone, an iPad and be adaptable to all mobile technology.  The keypad module will unlock the dynasty’s secret language in Chapter One of the prequel book.

Don’t miss Rachel’s A-List party scene next!  You’re invited!  A special elevator with a MEND™ keypad will open into the room and lock in data that will be archived in the family vault.

[To discover more about the Skeleton Score Book series, contact Mardi-Ellen Hill].

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