A Pirated CD, a Murder, and a Hopscotch Game For Global Members


On the same day that the smart-ass kid, Odette Rae, is inscribing data in her diary, the performing giant of the Barrington dynasty, Rachel Barrington, gets on stage to launch her CD-gone-gold.  Rachel, a Hollywood icon, is oblivious to her family’s shenanigans and how her family uses her performance and recording earnings.

Rachel’s CD has a fabulous and tuneful melody on it.  Family and fans alike have been clamoring to hear a new and updated rendition of this melody.  And this is the night of all nights.  Unbeknownst to Rachel, she will receive a message from her grandmother, the family matriarch, about how to arrange this melody for her global audience.  This hidden arrangement is meant to unlock the whereabouts to the original score of the Barrington dynasty and give more power to people outside of the Barrington fold.

The matriarch, Rose Barrington, is about to retire and turn over her power.  A-list audiences from around the world are in attendance.  But before the night is out, Rachel’s coveted CD is pirated and Rachel is found murdered.  Some family members are threatened by Rose’s desire to disclose the secrets to their special power and trading worldwide.  While everyone is using the CD to try and find clues about Rose’s message, unlocking the different variations of the melody is a hard task.  What is known–only the matriarch’s arrangement of the melody yields the access code to MENDtm, the location of the family score, and the path of the family power.

Rachel’s original CD is located at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.  On the CD is the matriarch’s arrangement of the melody.  One person outside of the matriarch can identify this arrangement–the protagonist, Lily Barrington.  Why does it become Lily’s quest to find the contents of the diary of the child Odette Rae, and how that data maps out a time-sensitive hopscotch game along the ominous rue de vaugirard?

One thought on “A Pirated CD, a Murder, and a Hopscotch Game For Global Members

  1. J. Jackson

    Further proof for all Americans, that Matriarchs rule! Mardi teases us with little clues bread crumb by bread crumb. Can’t wait for the book and video game. Reminds me of Lost.

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