PART ONE: Discovery of MEND™ Intelligence and an Unfolding Time-Sensitive Pathway Through Washington, D.C.


It is noon in Paris.  Odette Rae spins a clockwork of global tones and places them in a time sequence in her diary.  As she completes her last sentence, she is hit by a car.  It is six AM in New York.  The star Rachel Barrington’s body is found in her apartment.  Her home pad is sealed to the public.  In Washington, D.C., Lily Barrington awakens from a tumultuous night to light patterns swirling in the form of a palatial grid.  And in Boston, the church bells of Trinity Church are surrounding Copley Square with a secret message about the Barrington transfer of power.  Global audiences will soon have specific access points around the globe that link the tones directly to the action in the square.

Enter the Barrington dynasty men.  Jack Barrington, Odette Rae’s father, is lifting family secrets by decoding Odette’s handiwork.  Jack is plagued by divided allegiances to family members.  His act of theft is a direct cause of his attraction and desire to please his mother’s British cousin, Charles Hobbes.  Charles has a big debt to settle with his French cousin, Rose Barrington.  He is not averse to using any means to getting what he wants, including using Henry Barrington’s unfinished invention, MEND™, and his wife, Lily, and daughter, Rachel–or any other human that crosses him and does not deliver access.  Charles works the globe with his partner in crime, the mother of Odette Rae, Marie Barrington, who has made her own bargains with both the men and women in this intricate allemande left, allemande right dance.

Charles knows that the secret to the wealth and power of the Barrington dynasty rests with the understanding and the completion of the MEND™ technology.  MEND™, as a manifestation of the Barrington’s divine origin and gifts, is meant to be used for neuroscience, education, entertainment, and the building of the global economy.  Our global audience and community will be up for quite a challenge.  Charles has no interest in helping any of the family, or any other participant but himself.  He knows that MEND™ has numerous chemical, biological, and physics applications.  Charles and Marie have elaborate plans to foil MEND™ access to any other member on the planet, and use these applications for their own means.

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