A Diary, a Smart-ass Kid, and a Village Square


MENDtm is a mirror of the way the Barrington family was originally divined to operate.  Over the centuries, the family loses much of their internal capability, but gains prowess over many new technological feats.  In the 21st century, a child by the name of Odette Rae Barrington is genetically recreated to restore, read, and direct the family’s musical and action cues as they appear on the global map and bring us to a new technological level.  When we meet Odette in chapter 2 of THE SKELETON SCORE, she is inscribing her diary with clues that reveal where the body parts of her historical counterpart were buried all along the Rue de Vaugirard.  It is on this day that the village square itself becomes a hidden screen with data relayed to the protagonist Lily Barrington in Washington, D.C.  The Barringtons are in the midst of a huge estate fight.  The data concerns important details surrounding the credits and debits of their affairs.  Their fight could become so charged that we could lose access to their original MEND™ gift.  It is this special interface that connects all of the products. MEND™ will allow the user to access the narrative and to follow characters and their plot lines in the story, growing his or her own universe as the Barrington voyage continues.

One thought on “A Diary, a Smart-ass Kid, and a Village Square

  1. Peggy Dau

    Genetic recretion? Sounds like great SciFi! What relation does Odetter have to Lily. Do they shareome genetic code beyond MENDtm? Keep us posted!

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