A Woman Of Amazing Grace


As a thanks to my dear editor and friend Lyn Bradley who passed away unexpectedly on May 10, 2010, and to the Bangor Theological Seminary where Lyn was completing her Doctorate In Divnitity, I contribute the following. This tribute will appear in various publications over the next few months.  

A Woman Of Amazing Grace — A Tribute to the life of Elinor Carolyn Bradley

Elinor Carolyn Bradley, known as Rev. Lyn, was a close friend and editor to my work for more than eight years.  Her death is a seismic moment in my life, and in the life of my work. Lyn’s contribution as a scholar, a wordsmith, a carrier of the holy spirit is irreplaceable.  All that is left for me in my overwhelming loss, is to bring forth her presence as it appears as a design in a series of books we mapped together.  

Lyn stood by me at every turn. She weathered my daily struggle with patience and calm.  

As a challenger and a person of science rigor, my attempt at narrating how a presence transforms and is guided by the holy sprit, was a messy process.  As I wrote, I lived in that daily chaos and sought to put order to it.  

One’s spirit, like a road has a memory and direction of its own, and though the force of this “spirit” is not easily known to us, we are known to it.   In the narrative we worked on together, THE SKELETON SCORE, it is the knowledge of self and the uncovering its mysterious power that pushes the characters forward as they make music, words and acts, that drive them as a family and us as their audience, through a divine world where we all interact, and affect the lives of others.  

What made Lyn’s spirit holy is how she lived her life, how she affected others.  She earned every moment of her amazing life here on earth.  No words can convey her absence.

3 thoughts on “A Woman Of Amazing Grace

  1. Susan Hans

    So sorry to hear of this terrible loss, Mardi. Knowing you, I am sure you will honor your dear friend’s spirit in your continued work on your amazing project. Although I did not have the chance to meet her, your words tell me she would want you to move ahead with vigor and sensitivity……

    All best,


  2. Paris

    What an amazing testament to a beautiful person and gifted mentor. This is a loss not only to Mardi but all the people who knew her.

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