The Personal Village and Tool Kit


Imagine wherever you are at this very moment, that you could enter the story of the Barringtons through your own personal village and its history.  There are hidden connections in your own village that will connect to the story of the Barringtons, and the evolution of their (middle age) village into a great international city.  Four simple syllables, a town square, a post office, a house of worship, an arcade mall, and a keyboard, and we’re off as a global ensemble… to link into a maze that will connect to the opening soliloquy of the narrative.  Your input, via all forms of mobile technology and social media (Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, iPad, etc.) will influence the characters’ competition and their fight to be in command of the MEND™ experience.  Are you curious about the idea of the personal village?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.  Come back soon for a more elaborate description in our next post!  Each one of us carries the personal village with us through out our entire lives.

To check out the characters, you can also link to your personal keyboard signup.

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