Thanks to Our Supporters! Plus A Few Notes…


Radio opportunities and other professional requests are making this month a fun ride.  MEND™ got on the radar of top organizations and received financial support for which we are most grateful.  We hope that your support will continue and you will continue to let us know what you’re thinking in the blog comments.  We thank the commentators for taking such care and reading the material during their busy days.

For those new to the site… read how the narrative unfolds the fragments of the family puzzle in a hidden time clock.  Chapter One reveals how the Barrington time clock works and launches the protagonist’s mission.   Lily Barrington needs our help in order to access MEND™.  Her true identity within the family is not revealed until the access code to MEND™ is complete.  The Barringtons run a global family business — a lot is at stake as the matriarch of the dynasty gets ready to pass her power to her next of kin.

Important clues to our journey through the five books are found in the Book Jacket and Lily’s Soliloquy, and in chapter one of the Prequel Book, THE SKELETON SCORE (Previously titled MELODY FOR MURDER).

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