Welcome to the MEND™ Universe…


Welcome to the world of the Barringtons and their multi-generational saga. The Barringtons have a secret — a secret that is about to erupt and threaten their world and all of humanity.  Their family conflict revolves around MEND (Musical Encode/Decode), the ultimate 21st Century killer app. Every member of this dynamic family personally believes he or she is the one chosen to command the MEND experience. Lily Barrington is the wife of the inventor of MEND™. Lily is about to find herself in a diabolical coming of age test, chronicled in “THE SKELETON SCORE” Book 1 of the series of five books. As audience members, we will come to understand the most important aspects of the MEND™ machinery —  if only Lily Barrington can survive the night !

This blog charts the paths to publication of the 5 books in the MEND™!
Please contact Mardi-Ellen to request the formal Book Proposal.

Subscribe to this website to be kept informed of updates. Contribute to the blog. Spread the word. Visit the main web site www.mardiellen.com and click on the left side bar “THE SKELETON SCORE (start here).” Send it to your friends.  “THE SKELETON SCORE” is the “missing manual” for our wireless world. Rest assured that your e-mail address will not be shared with any non-MEND™ source.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the MEND™ Universe…

  1. Rosina Natale

    How much of this series is actually written and ready for public’s view ?….I wanted more…Rosina Natale…Musician’s General Store, Inc

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