Submission to “Digital Media & Learning Competition”; 02/2010


Here are the first 20 or so comments that were on my “Digital Media & Learning Competition”/MacArthur MEND™ submission. (Comments closed on February 22, 2010, and are no longer visible on-line to the general public.)

Written by Bradford
17 days ago
Fascinating concept. I’d be intrigued to find out what types of patterns start to appear, not only from person to person, but also across cultures. Will this expand beyond different learning types and start to shed some light on cross-cultural differences?

Written by Mainelady
I’ve known Ms. Hill for nearly ten years, and I have had the privilege of watching this project grow. The MENDtm platform allows for exploration of the world through sensory (musical) perception, and it also allows learners to incorporate personal experience and awareness as they learn. Such phenomenal respect for the learner is rare indeed, and sorely needed!

Written by Kayda
14 days ago
This multidisciplinary concept is shaping up to be one of the most fascinating interactive projects we’ve seen.

Written by Meredith Freeman
14 days ago
I’ve known Mardi for over 20 years. She is an extraordinarily talented musician and creator. This is a mind-bending amazing project.

Written by M Frost
I’ve been lucky enough to be able to watch this project evolve over the years in fascinating and unexpected ways. The platform for MEND is almost here: iPad 3.

Written by Nrgimages
This project is a superb work of art and science.It is both educational, entertaining and fascinating.
Natalie Robinson Garfield

Written byPetechffr
This is an amazing project- The story is as fascinating as its creator. I cant wait to see where this incredible project will go- it has enormous potential to educate and entertain.

Written by Mildred Ohayo
I just learned about this project and already want to experience it. Discovering the story through individual program/process seems like endless possibilities.

Written by Hattiebeth
“The handing down of data that turns into information and then knowledge.” What a lovely metamorphosis. This program feels enlightened even from the onset. I am excited to see what is born of such effort and inspiration. Already very very well done and encouraging about the state of innovation in our land. Thank you!

Written by Drbobappelman
Your approach dealing with time is similar to my submission for an iKIDS Video Game where students go back in time and experience the cultural views of science at that time, and what influences caused a famous scientist to make an innovative discovery. Our characters being transported back into any historical context would be faced with all the cultural aspects including music, instruments, and other art froms – especially costuming. We could share similar design concepts and maybe even do some integration.

Written by Cwfay
Mardi, Congratulations! I applaud you perseverance in bringing your concept to fruition!
This inter-disciplinary learning platform is a stellar platform for your work.

Written by Monica
Mardi has worked relentlessly on this project for the many years I’ve known her. Her passion and determination stems from a strong sense of artistic and intellectual responsibility to communicate her vision of multimedia in a new dimension and to transform how we think about the meaning of “context” in our lives and in the world we live in.

Written by Tania
This is an innovative and exciting product that will intrigue students of all ages! It’s time has come and I can’t wait to see all of Mardi’s hard work, determination and innovation published.

Written by Cfox62
This project unfolds a new trove of discoveries every time it is “opened”. Ms. Hill has poured expansive heart, imagination and intellect into one of the most original new models for a still- wide eyed digital age. Remarkably, she has envisioned a door to a world that can impassion geek and mass consumer alike upon every visit.

Written by Chairman
Having been a periphal participant in watching this work grow over the last several years, I am constantly amazed and delighted at the interplay between technology, imagination and art. There are only 88 notes on a piano, yet no one thinks we have exhausted all the possibilities. Mardi-Ellen paints on an even larger canvas, with fewer limitations and which actively involves the individual. No passive spectators here. Wonderful – and what a door to an exciting future!

Written by Charity Macdonald
I’m so excited for MENDtm.
The experience of knowing your place in this world in a way that can be understood on many different levels at once is incredibly important.
Go forth and prosper, Mardi! ; )

Written by Bwobwo
I’m excited by MEND because it makes music the foundation of everything that is and is created by humans. There is a melody inside everyone and it plays continually no matter what the orchestration of the rest of the world is around it. There is a constant ebb and flow in an individual’s life and the world around it and MEND allows us to participate in its creation. It appears as if the FAMILY is the core orchestra and the MEND is inside each individual, thus creating a constantly unfolding musical score. This looks like it would be an effective tool for people to learn who they are and how they fit into society.
Good show, Mardi!

Written by Danas
I am honored to have been invited into Mardi-Ellen Hill’s world. Her concept draws us in and will deepen our understanding of the arts and sciences. Bravo for your perseverance and for sharing the MENDtm experience!

Written by Mhsweeny
I very strongly support games for education (I feel like I learned from the non-educational ones in my childhood, even), and what makes this project most interesting is that it seems very interdisciplinary. It utilizes literature and music as well as technology and invention. As a recent graduate of a liberal arts institution, I value interdisciplinary learning for the power it gives the student to extract information from everything in his environment, and the potential to do anything.

I can see this being a great tool for a teenage or early college audience because of the over-arching nature of the skills it develops: creating knowledge, deciding what’s good or bad in a world of greys, engaging the world around us, etc.

After talking to Mardi-Ellen about it, one realizes that she has been brewing this project for many, many years, and it is exciting to think that this is the last step to its completion.

Written by Jschaffer
Mend is so exciting. I wish it were available when my children were younger. It’s a great way to foster the love of music and literature.

Mardi-Ellen’s experience, passion, and understanding of learning and invention make her the ideal person to deliver a project such as this. With the opportunity to complete this, many students will benefit for years to come.

4 thoughts on “Submission to “Digital Media & Learning Competition”; 02/2010

  1. What an exciting and thrilling idea and platform. The concept of incorporating my personal experience with a story, while learning and creating some new, sounds amazing. Not only is this project multidisciplinary but it also crosses over several industries – developing a unique business model – where readers can now engage with a story (product) in a whole new way.

  2. I’ve sen this product in the works for several years and am delighted to see it moving forward. The connections between science, art, and interpersonal and family dynamics is unique and fascinating.

    I love the comment that “the platform for it is almost here.” Mardi-Ellen Hill has been ahead of her time, and finally her time, and the time for MENDtm, is arriving. Looking forward to it!

  3. howard katz md

    I thoroughly enjoy the installments and can’t wait to read more and participate in the gaming aspect of it. The cross discipline aspect of this platform between medicine, math,music computer code and MEND is electrifying.

  4. Jacque Emery

    This is an exciting new dimension – combining learning with entertainment. I have watched the project evolve and blossom.It has endless potential and it will take different ‘ explorers’ through layers of intrigue and reasoning. It deserves as wide an audience as possible.


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