Submission to “Digital Media & Learning Competition”; 02/2010


Here are the first 20 or so comments that were on my “Digital Media & Learning Competition”/MacArthur MEND™ submission. (Comments closed on February 22, 2010, and are no longer visible on-line to the general public.)

Written by Bradford
17 days ago
Fascinating concept. I’d be intrigued to find out what types of patterns start to appear, not only from person to person, but also across cultures. Will this expand beyond different learning types and start to shed some light on cross-cultural differences?

Written by Mainelady
I’ve known Ms. Hill for nearly ten years, and I have had the privilege of watching this project grow. The MENDtm platform allows for exploration of the world through sensory (musical) perception, and it also allows learners to incorporate personal experience and awareness as they learn. Such phenomenal respect for the learner is rare indeed, and sorely needed!

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