A Hidden IOU… A Ticking Time Clock… An Espionage trail……


An overview of the MEND™ machinery, revealed in book 1 of the series of 5 books…

A town, a lie, a murder and a burial site hold a blueprint design written as a riddle in the earth.  For centuries the riddle goes unnoticed. One day the riddle is understood as a form of music code. From the code, a tune can be written. The code can be used to find and hide everything from countries, to names, dates, and financial data. The code is especially useful to ID, date and encrypt hidden human bounty, like intelligence, knowledge and skeletal human remains as evidence.

For another several centuries the riddle is quietly handed around the world to the finest deciphering minds. The meaning of the riddle is still fragmented and only understood in certain parts of the world. In the 20th century a partially deciphered riddle with a map of the town suddenly lands in the hands of  some relatives of the same family that committed the awful crime.   

By then the riddle has become a sought after jewel of an access code to an invention called MEND™ (musical encode decode) MEND™ mirrors the family’s talents for unearthing information necessary to survival on earth. MEND™ follows a work force sequence of the family member’s DNA.  The code can now generate many lines of tunes at once that create a complete environment and context of work product.

The DNA  of the family has an interlinked cellular acoustic design.  Their hidden ensemble design can only be tabulated as that one environment from a concert hall stage where live sound has a measured call and response value to it.  Amazingly the sound of the family voices heard in a concert hall environment can be as real as when the murder happened deep within the town centuries ago. The echo of a child’s unanswered call eternally froze in the minds of all that left him there to die.

As we round the 21st century, the family members, so enamored of themselves and their valuable pedigree possession have forgotten where this amazing design was last heard and why it was put on the grave site in the town.   Unlike their village ancestors the members are far away from each other, each doing their own thing in their own private world somewhere on the globe. Each member with their own piece of the surviving riddle thinks he or she alone understands the riddle’s meaning as a solo instrument of power, until a concert hall in the U.S. brings the ensemble back under one roof in that very same town assembly design for what may be the family’s first and last hearing of the tune.  Their cover has been blown.

Distant relatives of the family get wind of this occurrence. Time is ticking. As the concert is broadcast around the globe, more and more people are aware of the rising stakes and ensuing fight over ownership of the strange familial design that empowers MEND™.  People are coming aboard simply to learn the gruesome origin of the tale. And to see what the family will do as their shrouded history and fight for possession of the MEND™ invention is revealed.

One member of the family has been left out of the fold. Set up as bait to find even more powerful uses of MEND™, our protagonist makes her way through Washington D.C. She inadvertently steps right into the radio range of the tune’s atmosphere. This act may be able to save us and the powerful invention. The protagonist is capable of narrating the tune’s migration pattern, as it reproduces itself on earth. If she can narrate the tale in time to repay the debt, she will bring us back to that grave site and the source and meaning of the code.  She will have some big resistance at her door. And needs our help!

Log on to The Skeleton Score. Then see the interactive prototype picture of the family. It has the secret burial coordinates left in the old village embedded within it. You will be able to log on, drive through the town and read the book narration from anywhere in the world. Beware, your pathway is also reading out powerful data about you to the talented and diabolical family — they may entrap you in their net and size you up as useful MEND™ prey along the way…

7 thoughts on “A Hidden IOU… A Ticking Time Clock… An Espionage trail……

  1. MJD

    The hidden IOU storyline is great! I like the idea of DNA has an acoustic design and each of us has out own unique song. I also like the artistic design of your prototype – very fashionably historic. The title of the first book “The Skeleton Score” makes me think of an operatic libretto which is very fitting. I love the website and the blog is well written, such a great marketing tool for your idea.

  2. Richard Thompson

    The idea of linking music and DNA is brilliant. We are familiar with the idea of transmitting information genetically at the molecular level. Let’s not forget that the acoustic phenomenon of sound is extremely complex. As creatures of nature people, the world over hear the pentatonic scale as a fundamental musical phenomenon. It is present in an overwhelming majority of the world’s folk music. That scale is the result of the overtone series.

    A musical code is certainly appealing to the mind especially since sound is the result of the laws of physics.The Fibonacci Series and the Golden Section occur in nature and also in musical composition. The fact that the structure of a flower or a piece by Bartok can have numbers in common is both beautiful and awe-inspiring.

    Let’s not forget that when we compare this incredibly detailed, well thought out, multi-layered work to the Da Vinci Code, that Mardi started her project several years before the publication of that book!

  3. Mahlaney-Good Luck Charm

    The story line is really good. I like the concept behind the MEND invention. It makes me anxious to read the rest (and i DO NOT LIKE reading). I read it to my mom and she said it sounds interesting as well. I’ll make sure to tell my friends to leave comments =] Best of Luck !

    • MH Sweeny

      I think this is a testament to the education potential of this project. We’re always trying to get kids to read, and literacy and interest in learning are very important steps on the road to an educated society. A lot of young people do not like reading. I sure didn’t like it for the longest time, and I found that as I enjoyed reading more, I also enjoyed learning more. The MEND project sounds like a good tool to pull youth into reading, and possibly into active learning as well.

  4. Good Luck Charm

    The plot of this book is really addictive. It makes you want to keep reading for more in anticipation of what will happen next. I really like it! =]

  5. C. Markoff

    Mardi Ellen Hill has been waiting for the world to catch up to her suspenseful and encrypted saga! Informed by a musical background, technical foresight, and a gift for telling a tale, she leads us on an unforgettable journey that challenges our sleuthing ability while entertaining at the same time. Move over Hogwarts grads and Sudoku loyalists!


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