Event Horizon, The Life of a Star – a teaser to the prequel book “The Skeleton Score”


iPad Roulette – a Game between two Rockin’ Girls

Rachel Barrington, American singing star extraordinaire has purchased her hot new iPad and is heading home. She is getting ready to use her iPad to pen her signature cadence to a tune she sang only hours ago on a NY stage…A global audience hearing the performance televised, is enthralled.  Glued to their seats, they are still hearing the sound of her reverberating voice bounce off the stage. Hers is a voice so powerful, it cascades for what seems an eternity into the event horizon.

Across the pond in Paris, a young child with a striking resemblance to Rachel is facing the sun, watching the playful shadows of the dawn dance on the pavement.  The French child has the very same iPad, loaded with a hidden script of a new invention MEND™, musical encode decode. Church bells are circling Paris. A variation of the tune of the American night,  is playing out in a brighter key.

At every strike of the bell, the French child, Odette Rae, responds to what Rachel writes with a counterpart matching chemical and geologic reference, encoded by MEND™. The child is dancing a hopscotch that contains a message to be decoded by intelligence, in Washington D.C.

The girls ages 8 and 18 are immersed in a secret Russian roulette duo captured by the MEND™ script. They are the bait of one of the biggest quantum nuclear experiments to hit the planet.

Seeking immortality by storing life that reawakens with a click?! You are sure to find this experiment of interest. The powerful voice of Rachel is fading away. Days that were once numbered have turned into hours and instants. A theft, and premature release of the MEND™ invention has put the MEND™ script in the hands of the most innocent of the Barrington clan. Our existence is at risk. The stakes are high.  Seconds are left to learn the intricate control mechanism of the MEND™ script and screen.

A character legend controls MEND™.  Each of the Barringtons has an engraved insignia embedded in a character doll. The dolls are avatar tools.  Seen in a Paris arcade,  the character dolls weave an interlocking keyboard of data. The keyboard is used to get in and out of a hidden vault where the Barrington’s secrets to life are stored…

Rachel Barrington singer extraordinaire, is murdered.  Her audience of fans, at a loss to hear her next hit are challenged to follow the ill-fated voice of their promising star. Rachel lands on the secret to her splendid inheritance.  She locates the echoing route of the Barrington clan as they appear on earth. As the breath of life leaves her, each character voice is heard in their domain of the universe.  Her journey home to the vault, brings each of their parts to light. The MEND™ IP Keyboard is in hand!

Listen to this interview, where creator Mardi-Ellen Hill tells the story of the Barrington plight…and how protagonist Lily Barrington, mother of the star, unlocks the history to the powerful force of the Barrington dynasty.

New details emerge illuminating the Skeleton Score saga…


book with wallpaper lily fadeHidden in the sound file below, is the access code to a medieval french village. Beware the music contains a volatile and timed message!

The medival village of Vaugirard contains a puzzle of Stonehenge power. The puzzle unfolds a story of an ancient high voltage energy source. It was believed that only those inside the village could hear a haunting family melody. But recent findings have revealed, that the relatives of the people who died at the time of a massacre in the village, also have the power to transmit it. The village power travels only with a direct line of the village heirs.. Like a footprint, the laser like tune can be used to identify human identity anywhere on the planet. In the 21st century, a singing STAR stumbles upon the family melody. She is killed just before her voice activates the access code that opens out the village power.

THE SKELETON SCORE is narrated by protagonist Lily Barrington. Lily’s surefire detective and political skills tell of a diabolical dynasty global plan to release a powerful energy source to the public.  Her narration is timed to the nano second of a possible global catastrophe. The story will allow people around the world to become members of a virtual and print audience who can learn the fun language of MEND™, musical encode decode. MEND™ will enable applications to iphones, ipads and all mobile technology. Save the planet!  How should the invention MEND™ be used!?  It is a daunting force, coming round the corner in record time.

Listen to the Sound File: (The format allows playing on all devices).

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[Formally called “Melody for Murder” – M.E.H. 02.25.2010]
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Tiffany M. Cubero said…

Melody For Murder… Just the title alone makes your mind wonder ! The words used to describe different scenarios are amazing. I did not read the whole book yet but I can not wait for it to come out. I just read the excerpt from the Melody for Murder and its just soooo good that I was upset I could not keep reading and find out the rest of the story. I give it 5 stars!

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