New details emerge illuminating the Skeleton Score saga…


book with wallpaper lily fadeHidden in the sound file below, is the access code to a medieval french village. Beware the music contains a volatile and timed message!

The medival village of Vaugirard contains a puzzle of Stonehenge power. The puzzle unfolds a story of an ancient high voltage energy source. It was believed that only those inside the village could hear a haunting family melody. But recent findings have revealed, that the relatives of the people who died at the time of a massacre in the village, also have the power to transmit it. The village power travels only with a direct line of the village heirs.. Like a footprint, the laser like tune can be used to identify human identity anywhere on the planet. In the 21st century, a singing STAR stumbles upon the family melody. She is killed just before her voice activates the access code that opens out the village power.

THE SKELETON SCORE is narrated by protagonist Lily Barrington. Lily’s surefire detective and political skills tell of a diabolical dynasty global plan to release a powerful energy source to the public.  Her narration is timed to the nano second of a possible global catastrophe. The story will allow people around the world to become members of a virtual and print audience who can learn the fun language of MEND™, musical encode decode. MEND™ will enable applications to iphones, ipads and all mobile technology. Save the planet!  How should the invention MEND™ be used!?  It is a daunting force, coming round the corner in record time.

Listen to the Sound File: (The format allows playing on all devices).

12 thoughts on “New details emerge illuminating the Skeleton Score saga…

  1. Ellen as I close my eyes I see the story as the music changes with place and time, and the character is either hopping like a child, running down a Paris Street, or simply, waiting for the player of the game to continue down another path to find the clues, to read the book, by closing ones eyes, ear phones on, music and voice, story and clues – which I do believe will take off, and become a virtual game for all ages. If memoir can be told by the voice, which I believe is true, and music joins in to show movement and emotion, then the game is now in play, and the characters and board is up to the holder of the newest tech. out on the market. Always, Nancy Duci Denofio

  2. Mike Shinn

    This idea would be an excellent game app,This would deff have me logged on for a good 20mins a day! I love the whole mid evil mystery feeling this brings!

  3. Tiffany Goodman

    Mardi I just want to say this is Awesome thing you have going and Mike had introduced this to me and I must say he knows good stuff! Thumbs up! can’t wait for more!

  4. Kat McWilliams

    Mardi is a Professional with the Wit of a Genious. Mardi whipped up this interesting story to captivate and entertain the mass amount of people who love adventure and thrills. Mardi indeed has Accomplished this skill, in her interviews and writings…
    Kat McWilliams

  5. In over 20 years of interviewing everyone from Presidents to Entertainers, Mardi Ellen is one of the very interesting and entertaining people I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and I can’t wait to speak with her again on 99.1FM TALK, FOX NEWS RADIO!
    Eddie Floyd, Host/Reporter
    “Nevada Matters Media Group”

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