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The fight for insider MEND™ product status

An inventor’s genetic destiny sparks a global threat – will you come aboard to join in the diabolical fun? - The amazing world of MEND™ has a book series, film script, games, music, a blog and numerous other products for online and off-line content and immersive space interactivity. A simple lullaby tune morphs/ evolves over centuries. The song has supernatural powers. This family tune can be used miraculously to unlock signature content. The characters born…
Quartet For The End of Time… - A story of a thrilling and dangerous new technology comes to life in the hands of four people. They have entered a room where the power of an age-old dynasty is located. Within the boundaries of this room, the dynasty’s trade secrets can instantly be transmitted to portals around the world. An inventor with a…
Interview with Mardi-Ellen Hill: 930AM WPAT – Multicultural Radio - Mardi-Ellen Hill was interviewed by Diandra Archibald in New York City in mid June 2013 [9:00]. Listen and read on – you will discover amazing secrets to this new cross-media work.
Our Globe, A Puzzle Enfolded In One Frame - THE SPELL OF VAUGIRARD is an epic saga. The prequel book: THE SKELETON SCORE reveals the powers of an ancient dynasty. In the middle ages a crime takes place. A child discloses a family secret. He is quartered and buried at a certain time of day. The parts of the body form a puzzle, a prophesy…
MEND™Elevator01_4loop The Barringtons , their divine power withstands corruption…. a story about a hidden gift and a new real deal technology! - A Scrambled Message travels by elevator, floor by floor, a four syllable message unfolds in different scenes and cities, until it lands as a full sentence in a hidden destination in Washington D.C  Access code to the new technology MEND™, unlocks the ancestral secrets of a powerful dynasty. Learning the dynasty’s gift of narration, transmission of message, and high powered performance is a shoe-in for the public with this App demo!…
Sneak Preview… MEND™ tablet apps coming soon! - Check out our App sneak preview! The Keyboard uncovers an old french village and a hidden code – the memo posesses a 21st century celeb. A brazen lyric she writes, uncovers the meaning of the memo and gets her killed – we get inside a dynasty’s madness and power! Be sure to go the ‘Flagship store’…

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